Dramione: a troubled relationship

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5. the pregnancy

Draco looked over at Harmione, who was exploring. Taking his shirt off, he pushed her to the wall. He stripped her of all clothes she had on. Stripping him self, he pressed his body to hers, pressing his lips to hers, they stood there, kissing for what seemed for hours. "Draco. I feel sick!" Harmione said, running to the trash. She puked a few times. She dressed herself, Draco got dressed as well. He brought her to the hospital wing. What the found out was amazing. Harmione was having twins. "Harmione Bella Granger!" A red faced Ron Weasley said, marching up to her bed. She looked up. "I'm sorry, but... Crucio!" Ron said, tears streaming down his face. Harmione screamed as the most painful curse was brought to her. She sreamed and cried as her bones felt as they were feeling crushed. "400 points from Gryffindor!" Draco said, fury in his expression. "900!" Harmione cried. "Ok, 900 points from Gryffindor!" Draco said. Ron ran out, going to find his new girlfriend Lavender Brown.

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