Dramione: a troubled relationship

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7. the baby's coming

Draco and Harmione were due July, but that changes a bit. "Ah! Draco! The baby's here!" Harmione screamed, tears of fear forming in her eye. Draco looked up from his book, a puzzled expression on his face. He looks at Harmione's legs, his eyes widens. "We got to get you to the hospital wing!" Draco muttered, his eyes shrinked.

Harmione pov

I was sitting on the couch, when I felt water streaming down my leg. Oh no, my water broke! "Ah! Draco! The baby's here!" I screamed in fear, beginning to cry in fear. He picked me up bridal style, muttered something I couldn't hear. We got to the hospital wing. "Oh my! You weren't due for July! It's only January!" Madam Promfrey said in shock. I sobbed for I wasn't ready. It began to hurt me.


Harmione screamed loud as she was on the bed, in pain. "It's ok, it'll be fine. You're breaking my hand!" Draco whispered in her ear. "Who's in pain here! You can't be in this much pain to, can you?" Harmione shouted. "Ok, ok baby!" Draco whimpered in pain. All of a sudden, baby crying filled the room. "Their here! Draco, meet Tegan Heart, and Melvin Shan Mofoy!" Harmione whispered. Draco's eyes filled with tears of joy.

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