Dramione: a troubled relationship

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8. proposal?

"Hey! Mione? I'll meet you at the great hall, kay? You'll be surprised." Draco muttered in Harmione's ear. She nodded, bringing the two babies in the hall. Draco went into his room, and pulled out a small box. "Mione! I... Uh... Wanna ask you something, so.. Can I have everyone's attention?!" Draco shouted over everyone's voices. All eyes were on them. "I, Draco Mofoy, would like to ask, Mione, would you like the honor and privalage, of being a Mofoy, my wife, to spend all of our lives together. You make me laugh, you make me happy, you made me love with all my heart. Will you, Harmione Granger, marry me?" Draco said, a desperate expression in his eyes. "Draco. YES! A million times, YES!" She said, tears in her eyes, giving one baby to Harry and the other to Ginny. She gave herself up into Draco's arms. "You ok Mione?" Draco asked, worried. Harmione didn't respond, she passed out. "Mione!" Harry shouted at her. She moaned and fell to the floor. Draco quickly slipped a ring on her finger and picked her up bridal style to bring her to the hospital wing. "She only, um... I don't know." Madam Pomfrey said plainly. "Harry! Ginny! Can you two help me watch the babies?" Draco said, out of breath. They briefly nodded. Draco brought them to the head common room. He explains everything about Harmione.

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