Dramione: a troubled relationship

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6. happy birthday

Harmione pov

I woke up at midnight, a crash on my spine made me scream. Draco saw me on the floor in pain. He brought me to professor Mcgonagoll, who brought me to the hospital wing, who could not help me. Draco said he would bring me somewhere, I couldn't understand where, I felt as being stabbed by a hot knife! I screamed and cried for I don't know for how long. My eyes burned as I screamed louder, tears streaming down my cheeks. I gripped Draco's hand, as my life depended on it. I freaked out when he took his hand. "Ok!" I herd him say. I held it tight! I was in pain, I cried and screamed! "Help... Me..." I sobbed. Draco shook his head, "I can't." He muttered. I cried my eyes out, screamed. "I can't live like this! What is happening? Please Draco." I sobbed with pleading eyes. All he did was hand me a mirror, I couldn't see though! My eyes were blurred from constantly sobbing and tears. I threw it aside. I screamed at the top of my lungs. All of a sudden, it stopped. I was still cring, I saw my hair blonde and my eyes green and my skin pale. I was shocked! I turned to Draco, he smirked at my outfit. "Oh my gosh!" I screamed as I looked down. I was wearing at supper short dress that I exposed my legs and bra in. I let my jaw drop. "You should close your mouth before something flies in!" Draco joked. I was red with both embarrassment and furry. I decided to slip some real clothes on in there, Draco already saw me, so, wtf! We appeariated back to hogwarts. I walked in the common room, harry stated. "Harmione? You look cool!" He said, jaw dropped. I already knew I changed.

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