Dramione: a troubled relationship

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1. da fight

Harmione pov

Dear diary, I hooked up with Draco. I wanna kill him!!! He is still mad that harry is my friend! He said, "next time your with him, I'm gonna be angry Mione!" I don't know if that was a good idea! Well, he's coming in! Talk to you later, Harmione.


"Mione, babe? You still texting harry?" Draco asked. "Oh my goodness, honey! You scared me! You think I'll give my friends up!" Harmione said. Draco looked like he could spit lava.

Draco's pov

Dear journal, Mione is crazy! She thinks potter is a smart guy, well, he's a weirdo! If she is so much as think, of him, I'm not gonna be happy! She's coming!


"Draco? Can we talk?" Harry potter said. Draco jumped. "Get off! No!" Draco said, startled. Harry stood. "Oh well. Harmione told me what you told her!" He stood, watching in horror!

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