Hufflepuff Girl

Read of this troublesome girl, Ron and Harmione are her parents and they can't contain her! Who can solve this?


4. Me and Tim

Me and Tim's been hanging recently. Dad'll kill me! I know I'm mad as a hatter, but he's cute! It's been a bloody ten months, dad'll murder me! I don't care! He can always only, make me stay home, but wth! He's running a joke shop!  Mum's the Minster! WTH! He's giving me a hard time while he gets all the attention! IDK! He makes me mad. I'm a Hufflepuff, I'm not that friendly. "Oh, hi, Tim! How're you?" I asked as he came into the Great Hall. "Still having rows with your father?" he asked, tugging me by the arm. "Yeah." I said, standing and fallowing him to an empty classroom.


Ha!  I gave you a cliffhanger! Stay tuned, I will update! Thank you all for devoting how ever long you spend reading this, it means a lot to me! -kkmudblood

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