Hufflepuff Girl

Read of this troublesome girl, Ron and Harmione are her parents and they can't contain her! Who can solve this?


3. hey.. love

"Hey, Weasly!" A stranger yelled at me. "What you want?" I asked, sounding harsh. A blonde haired boy walked up, he had silver eyes, pale skin, Slytherin robes on. "Hi, Weasly. I'm Tim Mofoy, I kinda wanna hang with you." He said, a smirk playing at his lips. "Cool, at 3:30, I have a thirty minute detention after school." I explained to, Tim. Muggle name! His smirk faded as I walked away. "Please wait! I.. Love... You." He said, jogging beside me. "I'm gonna be late, then they'll make my detention an hour! Meet me in the R.O.R, Kay?" I said, panting to be on time. He nodded, then fell back. I started to fall for him, he's cute!

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