Hufflepuff Girl

Read of this troublesome girl, Ron and Harmione are her parents and they can't contain her! Who can solve this?


1. a HUFFLEPUFF start

Mum and dad, AKA... Ron and Harmione Weasly, found out that I, Trina, was going hogwarts school! Mum cried her eyes out, dad yelled at me then grounded me for not telling them one week ago and stealing their letters from Harry potter, the new headmaster. That, was the longest time-out... EVER!!! Literally, dad put me in the corner, for TWO HOURS!!! He then threatened to make it five days in the corner. I'm ELEVEN! Well this is when my story begins!

When I got to hogwarts, I thought, I want to be in Hufflepuff SOO.. BAD! Ginny Potter, the headmaster's wife and assistant, said my name, I walked up, put the hat on, and guess what it said!!! Times up! It shouted, "HUFFLEPUFF!" and I could do a back flip!

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