Hufflepuff Girl

Read of this troublesome girl, Ron and Harmione are her parents and they can't contain her! Who can solve this?


2. a horrid day

Omfg! I'm still grounded! I will be in trouble if I get so much as a single point off of hufflepuff. He is going to do physical punishments instead of grounding and time-outs! I will be bruised when I get home! Hopefully not from his belt! LOL, kidding! Hopefully not from a whip! It probably will be his belt, not his hand.

I'm already in trouble. Harry already sent a letter, I got a howler earlier, I blew up Mr. Mofoy's coldren! I'm gonna be bruised! If I'm expelled, it WILL be with a whip. NO! If he does, I'm gonna sit on rocks on my knees for five DAYS, not hours!

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