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"My cute little bunny" Taehyung cooed at Jungkook, squishing his chubby cheeks.

"I'm not little nor a bunny" Jungkook hissed at Taehyung who smirked at him.

"Well, you are my Bunny and nobody else's"


3. first day.

As the taxi drove up the hill leading into the school, Jungkook couldn't help but gaze at the building.

The white building with large windows crafted by the art students. Jungkook's eyes widen when he saw a sign hanging up at the entrance.

'Welcome Jeon Jungkook'

Jungkook thanked the driver before stepping out of the car. He watched as the driver zoomed out of the building. He turned his head to see many girls and some boys, in fact, rushing towards him.

"Welcome Jungkook"

"Are you single?"

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "Excuse me girls" All the girls whined as they see their prince charming ditching them.

As he walked through the open doors, he sighed trying to find his first class.

"Excuse me, are you new here?" Jungkook heard subtle yet feminine voice making him to look at the person in front of him.

They had orange hair which was styled flawlessly, their makeup matching with their hair.

"Yes, do you know where room 324 is?" Jungkook cleared his throat, giving the person in front of him smile.

"I'm in that room, my name is Jimin" Jimin winked at the boy playfully, looping his arms around the youngers, already like the best friends.

"I'm Jungkook but you probably knew that right?" Jungkook guessed, chuckling at the end.

Jimin nodded his, agreeing with what he just said. "Everyone has been talking about you, apparently in your last school you were treated badly but as soon the girls saw how 'beautiful' you look" Jimin commented as they stopped right in front of a pastel orange locker with a glittery 'J' in the middle.

Jungkook blushed when he found out people called him beautiful.

Next to Jimin's locker was a mint green colour next to it was a pink locker.

Once Jimin collected his books for the first lesson, he cat whistled Jungkook to get his attention.

"You don't want to be late for class now, do ya?" Jimin said holding his books in his right hand.

Jungkook shook his inner thoughts away, making his way to Jimin who was waiting patiently.

"Sorry let's go" Jungkook apologise, dunking his head down. His cheeks and neck went a deep red shade due to embarrassment.

"So cute" Jimin muttered before going into an unfamiliar room. Jungkook trailed behind him, keeping his head down.

He saw Jimin sitting next to this guy who had mint green hair, he wore a leather jacket along with a white shirt underneath it. His fading black ripped jeans showing his pale skin.

"Yoogie," Jimin said to the mint green hair person, giving him a peck on the lips.

The mint green hair person smiled, stroking Jimin's cheek with care in his eyes.

"Hi baby, who is this?" The person said nodding towards Jungkook, who was standing awkwardly fiddling with his fingers.

"This is my new friend! Jungkook, this is Yoongi my boyfriend. Yoogie, this is Jungkook" Jimin said, a big smile displaying on his face.

Yoongi nodded towards Jungkook, "So your the famous Jeon Jungkook I've been hearing about" He said.

Jungkook nodded, "Yeah that;s me I guess" He let out an awkward chuckle.

Jimin patted the table in front of him, "Sit here silly, the class is about to start" He said excitedly, reaching for his bag to get out his lip gloss to reapply his lips.

Yoongi watched Jimin, looking really interested in how Jimin applied his makeup.

"Good morning class" The teacher walked in, carrying their bag of belongings.

Everyone stood up making Jungkook confused but he did it anyway, "Good morning Ms Park" They bowed before sitting down again.

"We have a new student joining our class today, Jeon Jungkook?" The teacher said his name making Jungkook to raise his hand up.

"Ah hello Jungkook, welcome to Bangtan High School for Boys" Ms Park gave a small introduction to him before speaking to the rest of the class.

"I hope everyone keeps an eye on Jungkook, help him out around school especially work!" Ms Park scanned everyone before continuing the lesson.



It was now lunchtime, Jungkook felt like a lost puppy as he walked around the canteen carrying a tray full of food and a water bottle.

"Kookie!" He heard someone shouting his nickname. He turned his head to see Jimin waving his hands in the air to get his attention.

Jungkook walked towards the orange hair boy, seeing a familiar face sitting next to him.

"Come sit here, our friends are on their way" Jimin established, munching on some salad.

Jungkook nodded, opening the small bag of chicken wings. The sweet smell of Chinese sauce made Jungkook's stomach rumble.

When Jungkook was eating his chicken, he heard the noise level going down. He looked up with his glossy red lips stained with sauce, his chubby cheeks on display.

The first person he saw was the tallest out of the 4. He had a pink cap on, hiding his blonde hair. A short sleeve pink t-shirt along with black ripped jeans, supporting a black backpack he was carrying on his back.

The second person had also blonde hair styled in a quiff. His light blue t-shirt that tightens his arms, showing his biceps. He was wearing black jeans that hugged his thighs.

The third person had curly black hair. His choker caught my eye. He was sporting a white t-shirt that was covered in weird writing, some thing straps connecting to his latex jeans.

But the last person, I couldn't keep my eyes off. He has brown hair covering his forehead wearing a beret type hat. A long sleeve green with an undertone of grey t-shirt, supporting with blue jeans.

Yoongi looked up to see what I was looking at, "Over here guys" Yoongi said waving his hand over. All four of them walked our way, my heart started to race against my chest.

The two blondes sat next to Yoongi and Jimin whilst I had the other two on either side of me.

"This is Jungkook" Jimin nodded his head towards me, making me feel embarrassed.

"This is Jin" Jimin pointed at the boy who was wearing the pink cap, who gave him a genuine smile.

"This is Namjoon" He pointed at the male beside Jin.

"This is Hoseok but people call him J-Hope" Jimin introduced Jungkook to him, J-Hope smirked at the younger boy holding its hand.

"Well hello there" He kissed his hand before looking at the boy seductively.

"Don't mind him, he's always like this" Jungkook's breathing hitched when he heard someone speaking in a deep voice. He turned his head to who he is talking to.

Jungkook nodded, pursing his lips.

"I'm Taehyung," He said, taking out his hand for a shake.

Jungkook looked at the hand before looking back at Taehyung, shaking his hand.

During lunch, Jungkook felt uncomfortable whilst eating his dinner as he kept on seeing J-Hope staring at him.

"Oi horse, you are scaring the poor boy" Yoongi announced to the boy, giving him the 'resting bitch' face.

J-Hope muttered 'sorry' to Jungkook before going on his phone.


It's the end of the first day at Bangtan High School for Boys.

Overall, Jungkook had the best day. He got welcomed into a group of friends, they even accepted him into their group-chat.

Jin and the six children

Welcome to the groupchat Jungkook-ah!

Yeah, welcome Kookie!

Thank you!

What are you doing over the weekend?

Nothing why?

Would you like to come to our annual movie night?

OK, what time do you want me to come over? And also the address.

Tae will give you it as it will be at his house.

OK, gtg bye guys.

Bye my favourite son

Bye bestie!

Bye Jungkook-ah!

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