Somebody Else's Arms || Harry Styles AU

Harry Styles is smart, funny, rich and oh so handsome. He is also Hailey Breen’s neighbor and everything she could possibly think about from the day she met him. As their friendship deepens, things quickly go from zero to sixty and then subsequently stall on the side of the road, leaving Hailey wondering if things will ever go back to normal again.


7. {Seven}

The wedding was exceptionally beautiful. Both the bride and groom cried as they said their vows, which was endearing. Of course Harry and his friends gave Matt shit for it afterward. Hailey never understood why men always felt the need to act so macho. It was annoying.

For the next hour or so after the wedding there was a portion of drinks and mingling amongst the guests and the wedding party, when they weren’t off getting their pictures taken.

When the wedding party finally came back in, Harry and Louis were inexplicably missing and Hailey wondered why only those two, but really didn’t give it any more thought when the blonde beauty Jeremy walked into the ballroom. Hailey felt a tingle throughout her entire body as she watched him and knew she needed to cool it. She did have a date after all. She walked toward the bar to order a drink and was pleasantly surprised when Jeremy slid up next to her. The two of them talked for the next ten minutes, joking and laughing with one another. Jeremy told stories of the groom, who just so happened to be his little brother. And Hailey couldn’t help but find him funny and intriguing. But the best part was she felt at ease in his presence.

When Jeremy got pulled away by the groom himself, Hailey went to find the table she was assigned to and she couldn’t get that smile off her face even if she tried.

“You, uh… you were talking to Jeremy, huh?” Harry asked as he walked up to her.

“Oh. Uh… yeah. He’s nice,” Hailey said, getting startled by him as he was suddenly standing behind her. She felt like she was in a daze after talking to the fair-haired beautiful man.

“Mm-hmm,” Harry hummed, looking passed her. Hailey turned to see Jeremy and Matt were in his line of vision.

“What?” Hailey asked, looking back over at Harry skeptically.

“Nothing,” Harry said, shrugging it off.

Hailey couldn’t help but sense something coming off of him, whether it be jealousy or something else. She didn’t know. She also didn’t like it. He didn’t have a right to be jealous. He made it perfectly clear where they stood with each other when he said nothing would happen between them – unless he was drunk, that is. He apparently only felt the need to fuck her when he was drunk.

“Can I get you a drink?” Harry asked her, changing the subject quickly.

“Sure. Uh, vodka tonic,” she told him.

“Coming right up,” he said as he maneuvered passed her, squeezing her arm affectionately as he did.

Hailey watched as he sauntered toward the bar and ordered their drinks. She could already feel that she was buzzed. It probably wasn’t a good idea to continue drinking at the rapid pace she was, but she didn’t want to stop. Not really. She didn’t know anybody at the wedding, so she wanted to have a good time and loosen up. So far, so good.

Harry walked back over to her with a smile on his face, handing her the drink she requested.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling sweetly at him.

“No problem, love,” he told her with a smile all for her.

“Will there be dancing tonight?” Hailey asked him, looking around at all the people mingling.

“After dinner, probably. Matt would never pass up something like that at his wedding,” Harry chuckled.

“Good. I like dancing,” Hailey said, smiling to herself as she took a sip of the drink.

“Save at least one for me,” he said, smiling at her.

“Well, you are my date. I expect more than one,” she said, bumping her shoulder into his.

“Touché,” he retorted, smirking back at her.

Hailey was left irrefutably solo throughout the dinner because Harry was sitting at the dinner table filled with the wedding party. She sat at a table full of elderly people who continued to ask her why such a ‘beautiful young girl’ wasn’t there with a date, to which she continued to point in Harry’s direction and explain she indeed had a date, he was just in the wedding party and couldn’t sit with her.

When dinner was over, the tables were moved to the side and the room was transformed into a dancefloor. After all the traditional dances, like the bride and groom’s first dance and the father/daughter dance, Harry disappeared again. Hailey didn’t catch sight of him for what was probably upwards of a half an hour. She sat in the corner near the bar drinking herself stupid. It was almost ridiculous.

“Why is a pretty lady like you not out on the dance floor?” She heard.

“Oh, my date is…” She started to say and realized it was Jeremy standing in front of her.

“Your date is what?” He asked, smirking at her.

“Missing in action,” she said, smiling back at him.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep you company until he comes back,” Jeremy told her.

“I suppose so,” she said, smiling bashfully, feeling a small blush working up her face.

“Care to join me for a dance?” He asked, holding out his hand.

“I’d love to,” she told him, setting her empty drink down on the table.

Jeremy guided Hailey out on the dance floor. She felt almost ecstatic to have something to do other than sitting in the corner drinking by herself. Jeremy’s arm swiftly wrapped around her waist as he took her free hand in his other. He was a good dancer. He knew how to lead. And when a fast song came on next, he knew how to dance to that too. He was the perfect balance of suave and playful, which Hailey enjoyed very much. She danced with Jeremy for three songs and she fully enjoyed herself through each of them. By the third, he pulled her close to his body and swayed with her to the love ballad that played through the ballroom.

“I’m here to steal my date back,” Hailey heard Harry as she felt Jeremy retracting from their embrace.

“I was just keeping her company,” Jeremy said, smirking at Harry.

“Uh-huh,” Harry said, eyeing him. And Hailey could tell there was some sort of tension between the two of them and she wasn’t sure why.

“Thank you for the dances, Jeremy,” Hailey told him as he stepped back for Harry to cut in.

“Anytime, beautiful,” he said, winking at her before he headed off the dance floor.

Harry scoffed as he wrapped his arm around Hailey’s waist. She furrowed her brow, giving him an odd look as she wrapped her arm around him and placed her other hand in his.

“What?” She asked as they swayed to the remainder of the song.

“Nothing,” Harry said, letting his unpleasant attitude drop altogether.

“Where have you been?” She asked, really truly wondering.

“With the lads,” he told her vaguely.

“Well, I’ve been drinking alone in the corner. I almost went up to the room, but realized you have the only key,” she told him.

“Sorry. We took Matty to the resort’s bar and did a bunch of shots to commemorate the night,” Harry explained.

He looked genuinely sorry for leaving her hanging, so she left it at that and enjoyed the fact that he was spinning her around the dance floor. Harry was his own balance of suave and playful, and Hailey was truly enjoying her time with him.

The two of them danced well into the night. Harry didn’t leave her side again until they were leaving and he was saying goodnight to his friends.

“Hey…” Hailey heard and turned to see Jeremy smiling at her.

“Hey,” she said, smiling back.

“I just wanted to give you this in hopes you’ll use it,” he said, slipping her a piece of paper. She quickly opened it and saw his phone number scrawled across it.

“Alright. I think I will,” she said, smiling up at him.

“Yeah?” He asked, smirking at her.

“Yeah,” she confirmed with a nodded.

“I look forward to it,” he said, winking at her before he walked off.

Harry was back by her side just moments after Hailey shoved the slip of paper into her clutch purse.

“Ready?” He asked, smiling at her.

“Ready,” she said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

The two of them slipped into the elevator together with another couple and rode it up to their floor. Only then did Hailey realize how drunk she really was. The jostling of the elevator made her head feel like it was spinning. She stumbled out of the elevator after Harry, leaving the other couple in their wake.

“I am drunk,” Hailey giggled as the pattern on the carpet almost looked like it was moving as she walked.

You’re drunk? Do you even know how many shots we did at the bar?” Harry scoffed playfully.

“Do you even know how many drinks I drank waiting for you to get back from the bar?” She countered, letting out another giggle.

“Hailey…” Harry said, stopping in his tracks, causing her to bump right into his hard body.

Jesus Christ,” Hailey grumbled as she peeled herself away from him. Harry let out a boisterous laugh, turning to look back at her.

“I just smacked my cheek on your shoulder,” Hailey whimpered, holding her hand against her face.

“Oh, no,” Harry cooed, gently gripping onto the sides of her face, which startled Hailey. She dropped her hand away from her face as Harry leaned in leaving a kiss on her… cheek.

Hailey let out the breath of anticipation she was holding in as she stared at him and he pulled back.

“I’m sorry,” he told her.

“It’s… it’s okay…” She said, looking at him in complete awe.

“I stopped cause, uh… I don’t remember our room number,” Harry said, turning his head to look idly down the hallway.

“What?” Hailey asked, feeling a bit flustered.

Harry pulled the card key out of the inside pocket of his jacket and studied it for a moment before showing it to her.

“No room number,” Harry told her, slipping it back into his jacket pocket.

“You really can’t remember?” Hailey asked, looking at him, her mouth hung open in complete dismay.

She didn’t bother to even look at what their room number was when they arrived at the hotel. And she didn’t see what it was when they went down for the wedding. Harry was the one who rented the room and the one who checked them in. He also was the only one with a key to the room, which was rather inconvenient for her.

“I really can’t remember,” Harry told her.

“Oh my god. Why don’t you remember, Harry? You’re supposed to remember,” Hailey giggled, shoving him into the wall.

She didn’t mean to shove him so hard. Maybe the alcohol gave her super strength? Maybe the alcohol took all his strength? Maybe it was a combination of both?

Jesus Christ, lady!” Harry laughed, peeling himself away from the wall, which made her giggle uncontrollably.

“Hulk!” He laughed.

“Oh my god. I’m sorry,” she giggled.

“Did my body leave a dent in the wall?” He chuckled, looking back at the spot as they continued to walk.

“Not even,” she laughed, shoving him lighter this time.

“Don’t. You might break my bones,” he joked.

“I can’t help that you’re a weakling!” She protested.

“A weakling, huh?” He asked, swiftly grabbing her body and pinning her to the wall.

“Harry!” She yelped, trying to squirm away from him. But he grabbed her wrists and pinned them up above her.

“Who’s weak now?” He asked, smirking wildly at her.

“Harry,” Hailey warned, eyeing him as her giggles died out.

The way he had her pinned and the weight of his body pressed against hers was doing things to her that she could not control. Their eyes stared straight in to each other’s and neither of them were moving. When Hailey saw a flicker in his eyes, a challenge, she knew what was about to happen was inevitable.

Harry’s lips crashed into hers with enough force to make her whimper. She didn’t even care that pain was now throbbing through them, all that mattered was Harry’s lips on hers. His mouth moved fast and fluidly over hers and she did her best to keep in time with him. Her heart was beating so fast, she thought it might break free from her chest.

Oh, god. Please let it happen again. She just need it to happen again.

Harry’s fingers squeezed tighter and tighter around Hailey’s wrists before he let go completely. Her fingers immediately tangled into his hair as she pulled him in closer. She could taste the alcohol on his tongue, a taste she didn’t mind, since more than likely it was what he was tasting on hers too. They were both drunk, but in all honesty, Hailey knew they would both remember this. It was her deepest desire. And well, Harry was letting it happen again, so couldn’t it very well be his too?

When Harry broke the kiss, he didn’t look away embarrassed about what he just let happen. No. He stared straight into her eyes.

“Let’s find our room,” he suggested, sending her a seductive smirk. It was a hint of things to come, she was sure of it.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding as he grabbed onto her hand and pulled her away from the wall.

Harry led the way down the hallway and stopped in front of a door.

“2494. That’s it, right?” He asked, eyeing her.

“What? I have no idea,” she scoffed at him.

“I think it might be our room,” he said, quirking an eyebrow.

“Try the key,” she told him.

“Oh, yeah. Duh,” he said, pulling it out of his pocket again. He quickly shoved it in the key slot, but it gave a red light instead of a green one.

“Try it again,” Hailey offered. And he did, but it still went red.

“Maybe it isn’t the room,” she said, biting her bottom lip.

“No. It is,” he told her confidently.

“How do you know all of a sudden?” She asked with a smirk.

“Louis’ birth date. My birth year,” he told her.

“What?” She asked confused.

“Louis was born December 24th. And I was born in 1994. 2494. This is our room,” Harry explained.

“Try it again,” Hailey offered one more time. This time when Harry pushed the key in, it turned green.

Voilà!” He said, sending her a smirk.

“Thank god!” Hailey giggled.

“Come on,” he said, pulling her in by her hand.

Once the door closed Harry stopped in the entryway, turning toward her, which caused her body to hit his again – chest-to-chest this time.

“Hey,” he said sounding seductive and sexy, placing his hands on the sides of her face.

“Hey,” she said quietly, looking up into his green eyes.

He smiled as he moved in, capturing her lips with his again. Hailey’s heart did somersaults in her chest, feeling all sorts of excitement. Could it be the start of something between them? Everything he did seemed so sincere, so perfect. Could she be getting everything she’s wanted for so long?

“You look amazing tonight, Hailey. I had the best looking date out there,” Harry told her, his eyes hooded and his smile wide.

“Shut up,” she said bashfully, lightly batting at his chest.

“I’m serious,” he said, leaving another kiss on her lips.

“You’re just saying that so I’ll screw you,” she countered, smirking playfully at him.

“Not true. We can go to sleep right now if you don’t believe me,” he said, taking a few steps back.

“Not a chance,” she said, quickly pulling him back to her by his jacket lapels.

“Mmm,” he hummed, smiling as their lips crashed together.

And it was Hailey pushing him back toward the bed. One thing was true, alcohol definitely made her daring. A moment later, Harry’s fingers pushed down the straps of her dress, their mouths never leaving one another’s. Hailey’s fingers quickly worked to push his jacket over his shoulders before swiftly moving to unbutton the long row of buttons on his shirt.

Harry chuckled against her lips as he fought to free himself from his jacket that she abandoned halfway down his arms on her quest to getting him naked. But once his arms were free, he started undoing his tie as Hailey continued downward, popping out button after button. Harry quickly pulled the tie over his head and then focused himself on her. His hands grabbed at the top of her dress, pushing it down her body, not stopping until the thin black material was in a heap at her feet. He smirked at her as she stood before him in the sexiest black lingerie she had ever worn in her life. She may have had some hopes and aspirations for the trip that led her to a lingerie store the night before they left for the wedding. And she was sure she’d be paying it off on her credit card for a while, but the unadulterated look of lust in his eyes made it all worth it in the end. Black lace was the perfect choice.

My god, Hailey,” he breathed as his hands came up to rub over the tops of her breasts.

Hailey pushed herself forward, grabbing onto his belt buckle, determined to continue undressing him. Her fingers moved fast, undoing his belt and slacks. She could feel his eyes watching her and she did her best to not let it rake at her insecurities. If she just kept her focus on the goal at hand, she wouldn’t have to worry about what he was thinking.

Hailey’s hands pushed his black slacks down to the floor. And when she came back up, she noticed he was still wearing his shirt, so she promptly rid him of that. All the while, he stood there with his attention solely on her. When she was nearly finished ridding him of his clothing, she looked into his eyes and bit at her lip. He smirked at her and cocked that sexy little eyebrow at her. Oh, good lord.

Hailey’s arms wrapped around his neck as her lips crashed into his, letting the alcohol guide her. His arms wrap tightly around her waist as he kissed her back with just as much intensity. She could feel his hands move down over her bottom and she let him lift her up against him, quickly wrapping her legs around his waist.

She never thought it would happen in real life – not again. But it was. And she was fully on board.

Within moments, Harry laid her down on the bed, pushing himself down on top of her, their mouths frantically tasting one another before Harry pulled up slowly, looking down at her. His hands trailed lightly over her exposed skin and a smirk formed on his face as he lightly snapped the strap of her bra against her skin.

“Did you wear this for me?” He asked, smiling playfully at her.

She could see the haze in his eyes that was caused by too much alcohol. She might have been sure he would remember the night, but figured he might not remember everything, so she gave him honesty.

“For only you,” she breathed, smiling back at him.

Mmm,” he moaned pleasingly as his fingers trailed over the material.

Something inside of Hailey was hell-bent on keeping her insecurities from hindering the night, because instead of feeling uncomfortable over the way he was staring at her and touching her, she relished in it. She wanted him to touch her more and more. She never wanted him to stop touching her.

Quickly, she leaned up and undid her bra, letting it fall forward off her arms.

“You’re so beautiful,” he cooed as his hands grasped willingly at her newly exposed flesh. Hailey smiled at his words and enjoyed the fact that he was saying them and sincerely meaning them.

His mouth came down, taking a nipple in-between his lips, causing pleasure to skate through her. Hailey groaned loudly as her fingers wrapped in his hair, his mouth and tongue dancing around the sensitive bud, arousing her more than she ever thought possible. He swiftly moved to the next, making sure not to play favorites and Hailey couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips. Oh, god. His mouth was magic as it kissed up her chest and neck, not stopping until his lips were on hers once again.

“Do you want this, Hailey?” He breathed in her ear, simultaneously sending a shiver throughout her body.

Mmm,” she moaned as she nodded her head.

“I want to hear you say it,” he told her.

“Yes, Harry. I want it. I want you,” she cooed, leaning up to kiss his lips.

A moment later, Harry pulled his body up, letting his hands trail down her entire upper body, grasping onto the sides of her panties to pull them off of her. She lay before him naked, paralyzed with anticipation as he pulled down his own underwear. And there she was, really seeing him for the first time. When they did this before, it was dark and they were already in bed. This time they got to play and truly appreciate one another.

“Are you ready?” Harry asked, smiling down at her, swiping his finger down her cleft.

“Well, clearly you are,” he said with a satisfied smirk. She was. She had never been as turned on by a man as she was with Harry.

Please,” she begged. He chuckled as he lowered himself down on her.

“Hailey…” He breathed, hovering his lips over hers. She let out an almost silent whimper, mentally pleading with him to just let it happen already.

And when he pushed himself inside, it was a triumphant feeling. She let a sigh escape her lips, to which Harry chuckled before pressing his lips to hers.

Right off the bat, Hailey was certain she was going to come early. She was so enthralled in him already, her body so entirely in-tuned to him that there was no holding herself back. Every movement he made inside of her sent pleasure rocketing through her. She was lucky she lasted as long as she did, honestly. When she felt the pleasurable contractions of orgasm rippling through her, she groaned loudly, unable to hold it back.

With Harry’s fast paced rhythms, he was sending her body into a complete sexual frenzy. She couldn’t help the number of times she screamed because of him. He seemed to enjoy torturing her the way he was because he did his best to keep a smile on his face. And when his face contorted from his own orgasm, it was Hailey’s turn to smile.

Fuck me,” Harry groaned, collapsing down next to her on the bed.

“Mmm, it was my pleasure,” she hummed, curling up against his body.

“The pleasure was entirely mine,” he retorted before kissing her on the top of her head.

The two of them lay in each other’s arms, letting the adrenaline seep from their bodies and their breathing to go back to normal. Harry just made up for every second he left her alone during the wedding. Because this was what she came for – him.

After Harry shut off the lights, he wrapped her back up in his arms, pulling her close to him.

“Harry…” Hailey breath.

“Hmm,” he answered.

“Don’t pretend like this didn’t happen. Not again, okay?” She asked him.

“I won’t,” he said and leaned down to kiss her lips.

Hailey fell asleep with a smile on her face, exactly where she wanted to be.

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