Don't kill me please, i could do it myself


The beginning is really bad (sorry)

Julliet is 16 and she is divorced with het husband. She's got a lot of problems in her life and she tries to commit suicide.

Sorry for my English. I'm not English so if you see problems. Please tell me.

WARNING: This contains sexual footage and cursewords


4. 4

9 months later…


Ouch! It hurts! I felt like the baby would come out soon. I was layed on the bed and all around me were doctors. The baby comes. It hurted, but it was my seventh time that I do that. So I know how to do it... I pushed and pushed. He came… I heard crying and I saw a lot of blood. The baby was born. He had brown eyes and red hair. And a big smile on his face. He’s an happy child. Later that day I needed to give him a name. I called him Riley. A beautiful name. Isn’t it? Later that day I was really upset... What should I do when I’m out the hospital? And where needs to go Riley? I’m only 16 and I have my seventh child, isn’t that crazy? I was upset... I wanted to die with Riley…




My end is right around the corner. It's not a happy end. I grabbed my shoelace. I tied it in the bathroom. I killed Riley with a knife. This is it... I hang up myself....


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