Don't kill me please, i could do it myself


The beginning is really bad (sorry)

Julliet is 16 and she is divorced with het husband. She's got a lot of problems in her life and she tries to commit suicide.

Sorry for my English. I'm not English so if you see problems. Please tell me.

WARNING: This contains sexual footage and cursewords


3. 3





I was scared of him. Why is this happening to me?! What have I done that’s so bad to punish me with. Tim is just killing my existence. He maked me naked and he was also naked and shove his ... in and out. The wound of the last time hurted and I had the period so I fucked up. I mentioned that is hurted. But more than the last time. It started to bleed. Like you spilled bleach on my wound. It was big and Not so hairy. He was like he feeled good. He inhaled hard and he was like he had an orgasm. Maybe I should enjoy that moment. I didn’t knew what to do.


I waked up in a basement. I couldn’t move. Tim was here and had a baseball bat in his hand. Would he murder me? I freaked out and tried to escape but the ropes were to strong. Would he enjoy smashing people with an baseball bat? Arghhhh.. pedophile, psychopath, canibalist, drug addict Tim... He and his rape face smashed me with his baseball bat and it hurted like never before. It was bloody. F*ck You I said to him. He was mad at me and punished me but the door was smashed in and the cops were in. He smashed me fast in the head And I fell asleep. I saw that he was arrested. I hope that he will be executed by the government...


I waked up. I heard that Tim was executed by the government. It felt nice, like your freed from a monster or like you won a big game of 100000 persons and you was the only one who was alive. I was in the hospital, for the second time. But this time shorter(I guess). The police helped me. But I had one thing and I felt not great. I had a headache and there was a lot of vormit. The doctors thought it was really weird. They saw something was happening. One of the doctors said: "go to the pharmacy here in the hospital and buy some pregnancy tests. We gonna look further into it." I thought WTF. What if i'm pregnant. But who's the father? Tim or Tom. I tried to get it out of my head. 


****************************************By the Pharmacy********************************


Julliets POV;


Hello, i want to buy 5 pregnancy tests from the best quality. The woman said:"Why 5?" I telled her the whole story... I was kind of embarrassed. The woman said:"Oh my dear, i'm verry sorry for you" and she gave me a hug. It gave me a great feeling for me, because i know that i'm not alone. She gave me the tests for free and said that she could help me if i want. I walked to my room and then to the bathroom. I walked there with a lot grief, and i sat on the toilet. It was an big moment and it was the most nervewracking experience in my life. I did it and...

Wait… what?! It’s positive. I walked to the doctor. I said it... He congratulated me. I asked if I can do abortion.

He said. It’s illegal. Fuck! I walked to my bed and grabbed the tissues. I cried a lot, like never before. Like a baby who has taken from his mother. Like the mine. Where are they. 😭😭. I cried days and nights. The woman from the pharmacy came to my room and I said that is was positive. She said to me that she was a lesbian in secondary school and that she was bullied almost to death. Nowadays the people are drug addicts. I felt a lot better. She was a good person. And we talked. Days and nights. I finally felt like a had someone to trust. I like her. She’s someone that can help you in any situation.


The second day was she gone, but where? I went to the pharmacy and I saw some people crying. I asked them:”what is going on?” I heard it... I began to cry. She was dead. She was an old person. I missed her. This was the worst day of my life. I cried and cried. I wanted to kill myself. The doctor came in. He said something terrible:”you’re infected with hiv”

WHAT?! I waited for the baby days and nights. Until...


9 months later…


Ouch! It hurts! I felt like the baby would come out soon. I was layed on the bed and all around me were doctors. The baby comes. It hurted, but it was my seventh time that I do that. So I know how to do it... I pushed and pushed. He came… I heard crying and I saw a lot of blood. The baby was born. He had brown eyes and red hair. And a big smile on his face. He’s an happy child. Later that day I needed to give him a name. I called him Riley. A beautiful name. Isn’t it? Later that day I was really upset... What should I do when I’m out the hospital? And where needs to go Riley? I’m only 16 and I have my seventh child, isn’t that crazy? I was upset... I wanted to die with Riley…



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