Don't kill me please, i could do it myself


The beginning is really bad (sorry)

Julliet is 16 and she is divorced with het husband. She's got a lot of problems in her life and she tries to commit suicide.

Sorry for my English. I'm not English so if you see problems. Please tell me.

WARNING: This contains sexual footage and cursewords


2. 2

I grabbed the knife, I should kill him. His punishment is the death penalty... I runned to him and smashed the knife in his head like he exploded and his blood is in all corners of the room. Did I murder someone?! In my head I thought what would happen next. Blood, Police, Court, Jail. I don't want to happen that. I should get away with it. He has a fireplace. I should burn him, I need to clean up all the blood. Before the police comes...

That night, she burns Tom like he's never been here. And cleans all of the blood. Oh no I don't burned+

Tom. I've roasted him. I was very concerned about my situation. I took him and he was hot. That's maybe because the fire roasted him and he is black now. I'm only 16 and i've murdered someone. The anxiety let my blood run so fast that I have the feeling that i need to commit suicide (THE SECOND TIME?!!) NO, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN JULLIET... I will get away and no one should see him. The police saw nothing. I'll drop him in the trash can outside. In the garden. I cleaned up the house and done. 

************************************(An hour of two later)********************************************************

The police is here.... WHAT! I opened the door and I got so stressed that I would literally kill one of the cops. I opened the door and said:"Goodnight, what can I help you with." The policemen said:"We hearded screaming and one of your neighbours called us. What could it be?" 

What do I need to say before he thinks what i think. I said an risky anwser:"I was raped by someone who I don't know and he came to my house." It was half true. I wanted that he would help me and I started to cry. It was not my fault. "My v... hurts and he did it without condom... I'm only 16 and I don't want a 7th child. " Please say that he helps me... :(


One of the policemen stayed here and I went with the other in the car. I was worried that my blood flow almost fainted me. I want him to finally find me a hiding place, house or my children. I will just hang on the gallows and just kill myself. He stopped. There was no one and it was vague. I saw Tim. I thought, "OH NO F * CK OFF." He seemed horny AF and I had to have a private conversation with him. I felt hopeless. I looked at him. He looked at me as if he were going to rape me. No, get that out of your head, Julliet.  


Tims POV;  

She is beautiful, she is young, she is ... not so strong ... I know. she does not know. I'm going to torture her. She will die if I had predicted. I'm taking her. To my van.  


Julliets POV;  

Oh no, where is he taking me. Hopefully to a regular place. Or to the children. My life is over anyway. It will never be so nice anymore ...


Tims POV;

She's coming. My plan is working. Her death is right around the corner. She wanted it and now she deserves it... Her kids don't longer need her. And if they still lived, it wouldn't bother them. She gets in the van. We ride to my house. She's scared. BUT SHE DIDN'T NEED TO BE SCARED!!! 

Julliets POV;

I don't want to be killed. But it makes no sence, cause my life is already over. I don't care if he kills me. We are in front of the house, we get in. He looks at me with a rape face like in anime. Is he gonna rape me!!! I KNEW IT I GRABBED THE KNIFE IN THE KITCHEN AND TRY TO... He takes me to his bed and he ties me up with a rope and he proceeds to rape me. I am scared of what will happen to me, will I survive?

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