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The beginning is really bad (sorry)

Julliet is 16 and she is divorced with het husband. She's got a lot of problems in her life and she tries to commit suicide.

Sorry for my English. I'm not English so if you see problems. Please tell me.

WARNING: This contains sexual footage and cursewords


1. 1

Julliet had never been a normal child. When she was 5 she got a boyfriend and got married ... Since then it's gone and she's 16 and he 28 ... They have children and they are divorced and have a fight that totally destroys them and leaves them on drugs. Julliet is a single mother who already has 6 children. She does not go to school and can not find a job. She lives with the Baker family in Butterham

I woke up ... It was Mrs. Baker who put me out. What happened in the meantime when I slept. What happened to the front? And where are the kids ... I asked Mrs. Baker where my children are. How could they ever have been taken by the au pair. I am a good mother, are not you? I went to the center where the children were ... With howling and a lot of grief I went there. They were gone. Are they taken away by Tim? (The ex-boyfriend). That would not be so. I know that he is rich and that he could maintain the children, but you must be responsible and do not smoke shisha every day. I went to Tim urgently. He was not at home. Maybe he was at work ?! I continued to search. Time passed and I could not find them ... I had nothing with me. Did I just have to sleep on the street ?! When Tim was finally home, I asked him if he had seen the children. He had a pretty harsh answer: "You are a dirty dog and you do not care about anything at all, you are a bitch with your dirty kids, I think he smoked too much shisha this time." There was something suspicious about him. and I had to know it only I did not know. As a child I have been through a lot and I do not want to bring it back. Is it weird that you’re pregnant when you’re 12 years old? My mother is dead, but where is my father ... I remember he was gone for work once only he never came back. I decided to cut myself

I cut myself with a kitchen knife. It hurt a lot. Nobody saw it and I was in the toilet in the Bedham park. It was a nice place to die. I was lying on the floor with a bleeding arm that was completely infected. It was evening 20:00. I lay there and was ready to be picked up by the Grim Reaper. Suddenly I heard yelling. The blood was leaking through the door ... Someone came in and called the ambulance as quickly as possible. That was not the intention. The ambulance came quickly and I went to sleep ... I was in a coma.   I woke up. How long have I slept? I did not know where I was and all people were around me. I could no longer move with my left arm and was completely red. The doctor said I was in a coma for a month or 2. I asked who those people were. It turned out to be Mrs. and Mr Baker. And who was he? It turned out to be my niece's child. She was already 26. I lay there for days and every day I was sent to therapy and I reminded me of things. One day ... someone came. He seemed rich and was very angry. I did not know who it was ... It was Tim.   Tim said bad things to me and said, "I promise you will not wake up once, I can bet on you. You'll not wake up" I was scared and could not sleep all night. I was worried about the children. Where would they be and what would be the matter ... The day had arrived. I was allowed to leave. I had to find a shelter. I rang every house and I did not like it.   I called and came to a Tom. Tom was nice and let me in. I was allowed to sleep on the sofa bed and got a good meal. We talked. I told about Tim. Tom was very shocked about what I said. We continued talking until late into the night. I heard sounds. I had to go to the toilet. I took off my pants and sat down on the toilet.  


The door was opened by Tom with a knife. He grabbed me, took off my pants and all my clothes. He was too strong for me and dragged me to the attic. He said exuberantly: "Dare to oppose and with every move you work against me I cut one of your fingers, when we are done with the fingers we go on to limbs. I’ll open you and take out your organs. " I no longer wanted physical pain. I let it do it. I was stuffed into the cupboard and he went along. He had metal pendants so it hurt. He came into me and hurt. I felt like he was enjoying it and he put it in and out. It was the first time that my v..... was going to bleed. Was I having a period, or was he just having a big dick? It was hairy and dry. He did it without a condom. I wish it was a dream, but no ... I found out he raped me...


I saw a knife outside the closet. I joined in and started turning until I was at the knife. I tried to grab it only he saw it and with a reflex he grabbed the knife and wanted to cut off one of my fingers. I was lost. I just wanted to be out of this world. This horible world. He cuts of my finger and it bleeds. Not much, very much. Sperm was all over my ... and i got out of the closet and run for a knife. I grabbed the knife and attacked him. He had a big wound with a lot of blood. I’ll should kill him...

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