1. Prologue

It was just another normal day at school for War Lancaster. Same boring lessons, same boring people.

She wouldn’t fight the urge to fall asleep during the middle of class.

But life for War was far from normal.

She had been spawned into this world, yet she can’t remember anything past her 12th birthday.

War was a product of The Phenomenon Event In 2036.

The Phenomenon Event spawned 50 guns next to 50 different people. Some of the people who had been affected went crazy and were either killed after committing terrible crimes against humanity or locked up in maximum security prisons for life.

The number of affected would increase to 100 by the end of 2040.

No longer ‘normal’ and cast out from society, it took awhile for society to trust the ‘Phenomenon’ affected people.

Some countries had different laws regarding the Phenomenon affected people.

Ontriovik and its neighbours, Estio and Noristo, were the most lax out of all the other countries in the world.

There are still small movements saying that they should be locked up, and thrown away out of society before they kill more innocent people. The people affected by Phenomenon were innocent, they didn't want any of this.

It was a burden.

The further your body moved away from the weapon you had been spawned with, the more energy you would lose. This would lead to a slow, painful death. Ontriovik school's wouldn’t allow you to take a gun onto school grounds, thus, War and her sisters had it tough. Recess and lunch they would walk as close as they could to home so they could recharge their energy abit. The rest of the day however, they would sit and complain about their lack of energy, they simply just wanted to be home.

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