3. Chapter 3

Inia drove us into the city outskirts, Estio was a very farmland rich country, The soil here was untouched by the factories pollution, not like in Ontriovik.

Estio was a very green country, most of the cars here were electric and just about everything ran on solar power. The country has 12 solar power farms and heaps of on land and offshore wind turbines.

It was another hour before we reached the main highway that took us into the city, traffic was getting heavier as people started their morning commutes to work, as traffic got heavier the more frustrated Inia got.

We passed huge skyscrapers the sun leaking in between them as they towered over us, finally we found the road that took us to the coast, as we got out of the city again the traffic started to die, Inia had stopped swearing at everyone else driving now and we were all finally relaxing again, realising we probably should of gotten had Blaze drive us.

It was 8:30am when we pulled into the street where our new home was. The huge gate outside was locked and we played ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ to see who would be the one to scale the fence to turn on the power and grab the control keys for the gate. Arch lost.

It didn't take long and we were driving the car inside the massive front yard of the house, a fountain turned on when we drove in, we followed the U shaped driveway that parked us at the front door, looking around at the house I could tell this would of cost A LOT of money.

a 4 door garage across from the driveway, Not to mention another 2 door garage attached to the two storey house we would be living in for the rest of our lives, I called shotgun on the bedroom on the right side of the house, a perfect view of the sea and the beautiful front yard.

Before I walked inside, I imagined the place to be dusty and bedsheets covering things, but I got the shock of my life when I saw everything looked like it had been cleaned professionally a hundred times a week.

“Well this is it I suppose, Everyone meet me downstairs in 10 minutes, We have some things to discuss.” Blaze said with a bleak tone, she sounded like she wasn’t too impressed with the place.

Me and Siege walked upstairs, “This place is really good looking, I still want the room I picked out when we came in through the gates by the way” I told siege she didn’t look to happy about my choice “Period?” I said joking around “How did you guess?” Siege looked at me, “I saw you sending those notebook messages to Trace, you’ve only just met the guy and you already want to be with him for life” I gave her a look a shook my head as we walked into my room “Holy sh-“ We both exclaimed.

The room was bigger than we thought, A king size bed sat in the middle, a walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom probably half the size of the bedroom itself, It had a huge spa bath and a shower outside of the spa bath. “I hope my room is this fancy War.” Siege was clearly jealous as she looked around in the cupboards and the wardrobe, Nothing was in them so Siege left to go check out her own room.

I set my bag and my rifle down on my bed. Laying down for a hot second then realising I'd have to get up again to go down stairs to see Blaze for the stupid meeting, doesn’t anyone want sleep first around here?

I walked down the flight of stairs, Arch came up behind me “Hey War, don’t you think Blaze was acting weird before all this went down” He whispered, I didn’t really think much of it “Now I think of it, she was a lot more happy go lucky than usual when she picked Siege and I up from school” I whispered back to him.

I opened the door that led down into the room we had to go down another set of stairs, the room was quite big, Blaze was sitting down at the table in the middle of the room, and Siege was trying to start the fireplace, only just realising myself how cold it was.

Inia and Trace came down, Arch was looking sceptical at them, I guess he didn’t trust them enough, which I don’t blame them they barely knew each other.

“Alright I’m pretty sure everything is setup for you guys now” Blaze said as she got up and took out wads of cash out of a suitcase on the table. “$4000 each, tomorrow we all go shopping for everything to fill the kitchen and and get new clothes etc etc” She passed each of us the cash “Siege you're going to look after the rest of the money, there's enough here to last 12 years, and i'll also speak to you later about where the safe is, turns out our parents stockpiled their money here as well”

“Huh okay well that's fine with me” Siege responded as she played with the money she had just been given

“Thank you for the money Blaze, Trace and I will be heading but to North Point tomorrow though, Apparently overnight things have come up and They’re preparing for war with Ontirovik..” Inia said as she and Trace handed back $2000 out of the $4000 “We won't need that much, you can at least pay for our plane tickets home” She laughed

“Well that's fine Inia, I hope you and Trace will be okay” Blaze spoke calmly looking at them with an unreadable face

Blaze definitely wasn’t acting herself “I too won't be staying around, I also plan to head off back to Ontriovik to sort out our parents deaths” Blaze sat down, closing the suitcase and sliding it over too Siege. “You three have been enrolled in a school here now aswell by the way, it's in the city, The Kingsblood Advanced College, you start there next week monday” She looked at Siege, Arch and I

“Even though we fled a country, will we ever escape school?” I said laughing away, Arch and Siege also found it quite funny

“Alright well I hope we’re all on the same page now, is there any questions?” Blaze asked, with no response Blaze got up “I’ll be in my bedroom sleeping, no matter what happens please don’t wake me up” She yawned as she walked up the stairs out of the room

It was only 1:00pm so the rest of us went upstairs and sat in the lounge room watching the TV and talking about the situation we were in.

Inia and trace talked about how they were going back to Steiger fortress, North Point’s first line of defence, Steiger fortress was a huge area, a 20 km area surrounded by walls the size of a small skyscraper, if ontriovik wanted a fight, Noristo was gonna give them a fight.

We laughed and talked about our lives for the next few hours, I started to feel a bit depressed, There's only going to be Siege and Arch here in the next few days, I'm not used of not having a lot of people around, especially in a house as big as this.

I went to bed rather early, I laid there looking up at the ceiling for the next few moments before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up, my alarm sounding away, Siege walked into my room “Glad to see your finally awake, we were all about to declare you dead” She sat on my bed “We’re all going shopping today and we’ve also gotta go say goodbye to Inia and Trace at the airport firstly”

“They couldn't have gotten a plane any later than 7:30am” Siege hopped up, and i looked my clock as it ticked over to 6am “Ah well you could've told me that sooner” I said hopping out of my bed and rushing into the bathroom.

We we’re all in the car once again, we had to drive to the airport, which was only a 10 minute drive in sunday morning traffic, drop Inia and Trace off who had to go through a special customs area so they could get on the plane with their guns, then they would be on the plane for 4 hours till they reached North Point.

Once we had dropped them off and said our goodbyes we cruised into the city’s shopping district, shopping for me was not going to be a huge highlight, but it'll be nice to get some new clothes I suppose.

On the other hand Siege was frothing at the mouth, she was super keen to get into the shopping centre and shop all day.

Blaze stopped the car out front of the huge shopping centre “Alright I’ve gotta go sort out another car for you guys to use, cause i'm taking this one with me to Ontriovik tonight, so out you get.” Siege hurriedly jumped out of the car and stood there tapping her foot waiting for me to get out, I took my time, the anger on Sieges face grew as I slowly climbed out, it was bliss. “Arch will stay with me so he won’t slow you two down” Blaze said as she took off.

Siege and I walked in, the place was huge, Christmas decorations were getting put up and people were everywhere despite it being only 8:20 in the morning.

It didn't take long till I was dragged into the nearest shop, Bras everywhere.. some that looked like they’d barely cover anything or hold anything in place.

Siege had picked out a bunch off the racks and disappeared inside a changing room, I’d use this time wisely to make my escape, I walked out of the shop and down the row of other shops, there must of been at least 200 shops here.

I must've walked past 10 women's underwear and lingerie shops before something caught my eye, ‘Military Hardware Depot’ the sign was a camo green color, walking in I almost fell over with excitement of how big the place was, barely anyone in it.

Ammo pouches, bandoliers, ghillie suits, camping equipment, high powered radios, vests, knifes, everything that a military minded person could ask for.

As I walked around the store I noticed that there was some netting covering a doorway, ‘No kids beyond this point’ it Intrigued me, so i made my way through the netting and there was a gun range and an assortment of guns locked up behind bulletproof glass, and attachments laid out on top of counter with price tags on them.

Next thing I know is I'm leaving the store with a lot of new things. I got a few attachments and cleaning products for guns, I even brought a new backpack and put it to use immediately, grabbing some pouches and a new knife, I even bought Arch a new pistol.

I spied Siege walking into another clothes shop, it looked like she had already bought most of everything out of all the stores with how full the 4 bags she was carrying looked.

I followed her in, the shop actually looked like it had some decent clothes, nothing too fancy “Siege! over here” i called out to her, “Oh there you are, I thought you might be in here, this looks like a place you would shop at” She said as she sat down on a nearby chair “You look like you’ve bought out the whole shopping centre” I laughed as i sat down next to her spying a nice black jacket I was halfway through the act of sitting and instead stood up and walked over to the jacket.

Grabbing it off the line I thought it would actually be quite good looking on me, it had a white outline of a wolf looking thing on the back, I took it, as i was walking back to siege I spotted a swimwear section, with Blue and White swimwear, my two favourite colours in one package, I was in love with the look, I took them with me too.

Siege rushed up behind me and grabbed my breasts “Luckily I brought some bras just a tad bigger than what you are now, you're gonna grow out of these old things soon i can tell” She said finally letting go, I could almost rip her head off for doing that in public.

I was thankful Siege went through the trouble of getting me some bras, I definitely couldn't handle that, We both looked at each other “We need new phones” We both said at the same time, rushing out of the shop laughing at each other, we walked down to the nearest phone store, Siege and I got 2 of the newest phones on sale, once we had set up our plans and everything else we both walked back out to the car parks, sitting on a hood of a black suv was Arch and Blaze eating out of a bucket of hot chips

Blaze hopped down of the hood “Thought you guys wouldn’t be too much longer, these are our 2 new SUV’s, V8 5.0, leather seats, firm suspension, I even had the windows tinted to the darkest they could go, you've gotta drop me back off at the Car dealership though, I'm having the old one detailed.” Blaze said as she got into the passenger seat. “War you drive this and Arch you drive that one again” She spoke with that same happy tone again. I don’t know but she was acting different, like she was keen to leave us maybe?

We drove to the dealership, Blaze hopped out and told us she’d be home soon and not to wait up for her.

We took off for home, I hadn’t gone down to the beach yet so I planned to go down to there when we got home and with winter around the corner soon there wouldn’t be much to see, only snow and a massive frozen lake.

It gets freezing cold during the winter in Vakia, So the river that spreads out into a massive lake usually froze over and blocked freight ships, there was at least 10 huge container ships sitting out in the water at the current time all wanting to get unloaded and go home, with winter approaching Estio was stocking up before the shipping ways were cut off.

We arrived home, I went upstairs and into my room dropping my bags from the shopping trip and slipped into some loose clothing and threw a hoodie on, I walked back downstairs and was about to open the door that led outside when I was suddenly tugged from behind “Where you going?” Siege grabbed my hood and pulled me back “If you’re going down to the beach at least tell us too” Siege said as she let me go “Ah I just really wanted to go down there myself for a few moment, I won't be too long”

I moved past her and unlocked the door continued on my way to the beach, I went down a wooden flight of stairs that led to the sand, I had spent a good hour sitting on the sand, walking around in water, I was currently leaning on a wooden pole that was coming out of the ground and I realised I wasn’t going to be completely alone when Inia, Trace and Blaze left.

Somehow, that rifle made me feel happy, I may be crazy but I did love that gun to bits. My rifle was a M200 intervention custom; usually the standard military one wouldn’t have a power supply on the back of it. But when it spawned on me it had it there, I didn’t try tuning it in case something happened and my life was taken because of it, Blaze said I should look into tuning it.

I had no knowledge of tuning these things, maybe next time I see Inia I should ask her, she seems like she would know abit about this topic.

I made my way back up to the house, everyone was having dinner without me “Could have came and told me dinner was on” I said as I walked in.

“You weren’t listening to us” Siege answered stuffing her mouth with food. “I was yelling at you but you didn’t hear” she continued after swallowing. I sat down at the table, Blaze looked up at me “So did you enjoy your little beach trip?, Siege took some awesome photos of you jumping and playing around in the water” she laughed as she started to work on another piece of the steak she was eating. I gave her a sour look but could keep myself from smiling.

That night we all sat around in the lounge room, watching movies with the fireplace warming the room, it was starting to get really cold out.

I fell asleep on the couch, the last thing I remember is seeing arch’s face before he picked me up and lifted me upstairs into my bedroom and put me into bed.

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