2. Chapter 1

“War, wake up.” Siege was poking my back as I lay half asleep on the desk. “Blaze is out front, and ready to pick us up to go home!”

“Okay, let me get my homework for tomorrow.” I replied lazily as I slowly stood up and stretched. Siege thought it would be funny if she hit me in the stomach while I was stretching. “Ah! What the hell?!” I exclaimed, as I shot daggers at her with my eyes.

“Those looks could kill a man, War.” She said as she passed me my bag.

“Uh thanks” Not responding to her remark about my current looks, I knew I looked terrible because I had just woken up, grabbing my bag from Siege we both headed out down the hallway “So how long was I out for this time.” I asked her.

“Oh, about 15 minutes.” She said as she opened her locker.

“15 minutes?! why didn’t you try waking me?” I asked as I opened my own locker grabbing my homework.

“Well I did try, and you wouldn’t wake up at all.” Siege shut her locker and leant up against the wall while I got everything into my bag.

We walked out of the main building and towards the car park, Blaze was just pulling up as we were coming out.

“How’s it going you two? Have a good day?” Blaze asked

Blaze seemed different. But I didn’t let it get to me, maybe she was just having a good day

“You’re nice and friendly today, Blaze.” Siege questioned as she climbed into the car

“I’m having quite a good day, Mum and Dad just extended the lease for another 5 years we have on that nice beach house in Estio.” Blaze said as she sped off out of the car park, Siege hadn’t even got her seatbelt on yet “We’re heading over there during the summer.”

“Oh that’s heaps good then” I said, I was more keen to be over there during winter time though, seeing the sea freeze over in the harsh winter would of been fun

We eventually arrived home, Blaze must of thought she was in a Grand-Prix and sped up the driveway towards the house nearly knocking over the letterbox as she swung it out wide as she came around the corner, We were all laughing away as we parked in the garage.

Arch came out to see what all the noise was about “Good to see your home safe once again, Blaze why the hell do you always do a huge skid in the driveway every time you arrive home”

“Ah well, I find it fun, Mum and Dad should be home later tonight” Blaze answered as she walked over to Arch to admire her handywork in the driveway.

Our parents worked for the government, no idea what section of the government but apparently it was pretty important. They were usually home late all the time, so this was nothing new to us.

6pm came around quick, Siege and Arch were making tea together and Blaze was outside fiddling with the car.

I was up in my bedroom, laying on my bed, surfing the internet on my phone, a message from an unknown number came through on my phone it read “BLAZE, ONTRIOVIK GONE ROGUE, EXECUTE ESCAPE -Inia”

I thought it was some prank text so I let it go, I could hear our parents car speeding up the driveway, the hungry V8 engine revving away as it rounded the corner, bullet holes riddled the panels. I rushed downstairs, Blaze rushed past me and went upstairs nearly knocking me down. “Hey, what's going on?!” I called out to her, she didn't reply.

Dad hopped out of the car first running around to the other side and opening the passenger door to help mum who had taken a bullet to her arm and leg.

“Grab some bandages quickly arch” Dad said as he helped Mum inside the house, Siege cleared the table and Dad carefully laid her down on it.

Arch rushed over to the table and started to tend to Mums wounds, Blaze came down carrying several backpacks as well as Siege’s and My rifle. “Heres your bags as well, we’re leaving this place ASAP” Blaze yelled at us as she rushed around the kitchen filling her bag with assortments of food.

I went outside and inspected the bullet riddled car, the engine had taken a hit and there was no hope of it starting anymore.

“They’re both pretty lucky that the engine was able to hold out for that long to get them home, I reckon it’s seized up, and we can’t take my car to get out of here.” Siege spoke to me with a touch of sadness.

Blaze came out a few minutes afterwards, Arch was still inside trying to control the blood flow coming from Mums arm and leg. “Come say goodbye to Mum and Dad, they aren’t going to be able to come with us.” Blaze looked like she was about to breakdown.

The strongest person I knew suddenly had a single tear fall down the side of her cheek. We were in for a wild ride this evening.

The sun was setting. the sky was turning orange, but not from the sunset. The city was aflame. The sound of jets flew overhead, Their engines echoed through the mountain.

Saying goodbye to our parents was hard. The trek ahead of us was going to be harder. We had to climb 2 mountains and make it across the border with limited equipment.

I hugged my dad and my mum very tightly, Siege and Arch also joined me in a group hug. “You kids must go now. We’re only going to slow you down in your lives.” Dad said as he hugged as that little bit tighter.

We ran. And we ran. And continued running.

We had made it to the very bottom of the mountain, a trail that Blaze and Arch used to apparently use as kids to go hiking we were following.

My phone started to vibrate, I was getting a call. Blaze took my phone before I even had a chance to touch it, she let it ring for another few seconds then answered the call “Hello” Blaze answered, leaning up against a tree as she waited for the person on the other end to say something. “Blaze! Thank god you’re still alive” A voice on the other end sounded extremely happy. A different accent? She sounded almost like she was from Noristo.

The mystery voice and Blaze talked for another few minutes, we continued to walked slowly up the mountain.

“She wants to meet us over the range a little more at an old camping site, they have a car big enough for all of us.” Blaze said as she hung up the phone and swung it down the side of the mountain. “No more phones, just in case we’re being tracked, She said if we aren't there by 4am she’s gonna have to leave to another spot.”

“You remember Inia don’t you War? I doubt siege does, Don't think she was around back then. Anyway that's who is waiting for us, She escaped from her father apparently and has been traveling for the last 4 days to get here” Blaze said to me as we walked a little bit behind the others

it was nearly 11pm when we finally got high enough to see everything. The city was on fire, the forests surrounding were also on fire. We sat down, Siege started looking through a set of binoculars, and I started looking through my scope, both of us trying to locate the house.

We located it. Seven cars were parked outside, the house was being burnt down. Two figures were on their knees, Mum and Dad.

Armed guards surrounded the pair. Siege shifted into a better position flipping her Bipod down and adjusting her scope. Blaze came over and lifted Sieges gun up. “Unless you want us to end up like they’re about too I wouldn't fire if i was you.” Blaze spoke with a angry tone towards Siege.

“Thats our parents for fucks sake Blaze! You're just going to let them die?” Siege put herself right up into Blaze's face. “Better them than us. They wanted us to live on.” Blaze pushed Siege back.

Siege walked away, Arch followed after her. I continued to watch through my scope, another car pulled up, a woman hopped out, a rifle with a powerpack, another phenomenon affected person? One of the guards handed her a pistol. She walked over to the 2 people kneeling on the ground.

Bang… Bang…

I looked long enough to see the lifeless bodies of our parents fall over.

Blaze tapped my shoulder, “Come on War, let’s get a move on” Blaze spoke in a somber tone.

We moved on throughout the night. None of us spoke to each other for the next few hours. We could see an orange glow coming through the trees in front of us, the smell of fire coated the air.

We got into the clearing and Inia and Her brother both had their weapons drawn on us. “Oh thank god, it's only you guys! We were both thinking you weren’t going to make it!” Inia jumped over a log and rushed over to us hugging Blaze, then Arch and Me. “I don’t believe I’ve met you yet?” Inia grabbed Sieges hand and shook it tightly. “I’m Siege yes, I'm only new around here” Dragging Siege off for abit “Siege that's my brother over there and I reckon he was looking at you before if he does anything weird please tell me straight away, like you he is only new as well” Siege liked the way Inia spoke, she seemed very nice. “Alright I’ll keep that in mind then” she laughed as she had a up and down overlook of Her brother. “What's his name?” “His name? That would be Trace” Inia answered.

Inia and Trace Reacher, they come from North Point, a tiny state in Noristo.

It's believed that Inia’s father did human testing on Inia, after her mother passed away mysteriously during birth. Inia firmly believes it was her father's doing.

Blaze, Arch and I met Inia a few years ago, On a snowy day while their parents were on a business trip to North Point, the 3 of us broke out of our hotel room and went to play in the snow. We met a girl sitting in the park under the tree, she looked battered and bruised, She was barely clothed properly for the cold. Blaze and I gave her both our jumpers and invited her back to our hotel room.

That's when she spilled the beans and told us she had escaped from a facility where she was being used as a guinea pig for cruel human experiments.

001. A number written on her arm. She was a Phenomenon affected person. But her gun wasn’t present?

She didn't talk a lot. She sat under the heater for the next few hours, I sat next to her, pulling her close I made her rest her head on my shoulder. She broke down into little sobs.

Our parents came into the room, with an unknown man. This unknown man claimed to be her father. You could see the fear in her eyes. She got up and walked over to the man.

The man took her. We didn't see her again that whole trip.

It was almost surreal seeing Inia again. She had definitely changed, She seemed a lot more in charge of herself. We travelled through a gorge that eventually led us over the border, the sun rising in front of us as we came out the other side.

We were heading towards Vakia, the capital of Estio. Estio was one of the most protected countries on earth, it's military power and political power was no match for anyone else. The perfect place to live our lives in peace.

Our parents had gone out on a limb once and spent their tax-back money on a Beach House in Vakia. Blaze said they wanted to take us there this summer to see the beautiful river. We’d never be able to though, Anyway that's where we are headed to, Start a new chapter in this twisted world.

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