In Love With A Rebel

This story is About a bullied nerd named mark who soon falls in love with the new student Cl who is a strong , Funny , Outgoing , Rebel ... which changes marks life for the better or worse...


3. chaptersr 2: The Encounter

[ CL POV ]

Rose: " What is it? "

CL: *sigh* " A school acceptance form."

Rose: " Really!! What school!? "

{ I continue to read when My eyes become wide and I gasp }

Rose: " What? "

CL: " Am I dreaming or does this say global high school!? "  

Rose: "WHAT!!?"

{ She snatches the paper out of my hand gasping as she reads }

Rose: " This is my school!! "

CL: *faces palm* " I know."

Rose: " Did you sign up or something?"


CL: " This was my principles doing."

Rose: " Well even though you are a rebel you do make good grades."

CL: " wither I make good grades or not , I'm not going." 

{ I was going to turn to walk back to my room when rose grabs my arm }

CL: *turns with a death glare*

Rose: *lets go* " Sorry."

Rose: " Come on Chaelin this will be fun."

CL: " No."

Rose: " COME ON!! PLEASE!! "

CL: " NO! "

( A Week later )

Rose: " Hurry Up Chaelin we are already late!! "

{ I continue to lay there but soon feel something really cold splash on me and I sit up quick }

Rose: *holding water bottle* " Up now."

{ She leaves the room with a smirk on her face }

CL: " YAHH!!! "

( 20 Mins later )


CL: " Perfect."

{ I grab the outfit rose wanted me to wear throwing it into the trash }


{ Grab my phone and bag walking down stairs }

Rose: *eyes widened* " What are you wearing? "

CL: *looks down* " You don't like it."

Rose: " I love it."

{ We laugh walking to the car heading to school }

Rose: " Here are the rules."

Rose: " No talking back."

CL: " K."

Rose: " No Fighting! "

CL: " K."

Rose: " And don't get involved with anything that doesn't concern you."

CL: " Sooo Basically don't talk."

Rose: " Exactly "

CL: " But what if someone messes with me? "

Rose: " Just walk away and ignore them."

CL: " Sounds like something you would say."

( At School )

Rose: " Here is your schedule."

CL: *grabs paper* " Thank you."

Rose: " I will see you at lunch."

{ We hug and go are separate ways }

CL: *looks around*

{ As I'm looking around I bump into someone falling to the ground }

CL: " Ow!! "

???: " Oh Crap I'm so sorry You okay? "

CL: " I'm fine."

{ He grabs my hand with a strong grip pulling me up , As he is doing so I stumble a little looking right into his eyes }


CL: " You're cute."

???: " Huh? " *Blush *

CL: " What is your name? "

???: " Oh I'm Jackson nice to meet you."

CL: " Well I'm Chaelin but you can call me cl."

{ We shake hands and smile }

CL: " Anyway As much as I would like to stay and chic chat I must go find my class before I get my ass kicked."

CL: " See you around." *wink*

{ I begin to walk to my class }

CL: *sigh*

* Knock *Knock

[ Marks POV ]

{ Paper is throw at my face as everyone becomes quite when there is a knock at the door }

Mr.Johnson: " Come in. "

{ The door opens revealing a very beautiful girl and everyone in the class begins to whisper and point }

Mr.Johnson: " Late on your first day Chaelin."

CL: " It is CL to you."

Mr..Jonhson: " Here is your community service schedule, you will have 2hours for the rest of this week."

CL: " ... "

{ She was about to walk away when he calls her again }

Mr.Jonhson: " Introduce yourself."

CL: *sigh* " Hi I'm CL take care of me."

{ She bows with a irritate look on her face }

Mr.Jonhson: " You can sit in the back by mark."

{ She looks up straight at me and begins to walk with a glare in her eyes }

( CL POV )

{ I walk to my seat sitting down }

CL: *turns* " What are you staring at? "

Mark: *looks away* " S-Sorry."

( Hours later )

*Lunch Bell *

{ I get up from my nap grabbing my bag heading to the lunch hall }

Rose: " CL!! Over here."

{ I walk to the table siting my tray and self down }

Rose: " How was it? "

CL: *eats* " Like shit."

Rose: " It can't be that bad."

CL: " I got 2 hours of community service I also have to sit by a nerd."

CL: " So yeah it is pretty bad."

Rose: *rolls eyes*

{ I then see her gasp and wave towards someone behind me }

Rose: " CL I want you to meet my friends."

{ I Look up and almost choke on my food }




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