Alex must win a serous of difficult tasks and simple games. And if another school wins, they will decide if the losers die.


1. Field trip

       "Can Emma gardener, Noah Long, Grace Allen, Liam Black, Alex Moon, and Either Lee come to the office,"the women on the intercom said.  I got up and everyone started whispering things like "She must have gotten in real trouble" and "Is she trying to be a bad girl now?". I never understand why people just jump to conclusion like that. I got up and walked out the door. As I walked down the hallway I adjusted my glasses. Why would they want to see me? And why Emma, Noah, Grace, Liam, and Either we aren't even friends? I walked down to the office. Everyone was waiting already. The principle handed me a bag. I looked inside to see new school uniforms.

"Why would I need this?"I asked.

"You guys were selected to go on a special field trip,"the principle said before directed us outside. Is he serious? Why would he choose us we latterly have nothing in common. We all got into a bus. Once we got inside everyone sat alone. I wasn't popular at all. To be honest I was the opposite. Everyone thought I was stuck up for not talking to anyone. And my perfect grades didn't help the situation. After hours of driving we finally arrived. Something is off.

"Where are we?"Emma asked.

"I can't say,"the principle said.

​"Why not?!"Emma asked looking super annoyed.

"It's because I don't even know why your here,"the principle said before walking away. Dramatic much? A women in a suit walked out.

"Hello I'm Miss Q,"she smiled. We walked inside. This is a bad idea.

"Why are we here,"Noah asked.

She paused for a second an then said,"You 6 were especially selected to fight for your school in the games."

"What do you mean fight?"Either asked.

"You will be going against other schools to win freedom,"she said looking at Either.

"The games are a serous of deadly test that test your mind, body, and soul,"she smiled.

"When you say deadly do you mean like life threatening?"Grace asked.

"Yes lots of people have die in this game before you,"she was still creepily smiling. Everyone started to run, but was coat by security. I didn't move one inch. They grabbed all of us and throw us into our new rooms. I bet everyone tried the door, but I was sure it was locked. Or maybe it was just the fact that there was no door nob to grab onto. Later they let us out. The guards escorted us to a huge room full of teenagers our age. We walked into the crowd. What was this? Is this a cult or something?

"Welcome to the 20th annual games,"the women smiled. She was older then the one that we had met before, but I could tell they were related. Or maybe it was because they both had such an evil smile. Then I felt the floor under me fall.

"This is your first test...good luck participates."

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