In my mind

this is something as personal - as what is going on in my mind - right now... in pictures.


1. New Year's Eve

Shimmering, flickering lights coming from above – shining on the luscious garden of fantasy and mysteries flowers never seen before. The streams sound like a thousand tiny bells of a play – never heard or seen before. Resting in a philosophical dream of nights endless, shivering before the dawn of hope. Trees stand tall – giving shade to the tired painter of abstract imagination. Tomorrow can forever wait in the void of mysteries unforetold. Now is the time for dreaming, hoping and imagine the impossible peace on the forever time, calling of the earth. The fay rests, sunbathing – even though out there – it is winter still and mages cast spells of joy upon the masses a dancing. The poets dream and elven girls play in the forests deepest shadows of delight. Here is the home of the writer and the people of fantasy and imagination. Even with the trains driving to the unknown – the imagination is wild and free of depressions scarring the fragile mind – with endless nightmares. However for now is the time for celebration – a new year is coming with gifts to bring. The village is pretty with colourful lights and festive people of every age. The castle in the sky is ready the big boom of rainbow-coloured firework. Joy is in the air and music is meddling with laughter and cheerful chatter. The farmers are finely dressed and girls of every age have flowers in their hair – for a while – winter is forgotten and everyone prepares for the New Year ahead. The castle in the sky – full of the noble and the brave – is cheerful and festive with big ball gowns and ball uniforms – delicate ladies are surrounded by noble gentlemen, they are trying to woe the ladies with sweet words and roses. However, tonight – the delicate ladies ae more interested in each other and the men can go play with themselves – for they are not getting any. Ballrooms are full and the church bells are a ringing for celebration is in the air. There are no regrets of tomorrow… for now – only joy and sweet times is in the air. No one is in pain or misery – for now – is the time for hopes and dancing through the night to happy tunes of the violin. The clock is ticking and the queen is speaking to the people of her land… the farmers, poets and authors all gathered from far away parts of this fairy- tale land. Fireflies dance in the city – creating a mystical delight. There are witches and wizards too and they are safe here. The trolls – stay away for this night, there is only peace of mind. Dragons sleep – dreaming of gold and gems – tonight they are not in the mood for war. The elves are celebrating in pagan manners and the gods, the goddesses are on a visit tonight – deep in the forests, dancing until the morning light.

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