Can't Remember To Forget You (Harry Styles)

There's one person that can see right through the façade Chloe Hayes puts on after her life is turned around, and it's none other than her soon-to-be step brother, Harry Styles.


19. ~Chapter Seventeen~

“You okay?” I ask Harry when he finally joins me in the basement to watch the movie we had planned on.

He looks exhausted, and upset or angry… I can’t really tell, but all I know is he isn’t happy. Whatever Anne said to him after I left affected him, and it’s killing me to see him like this.

“Yeah. Did you pick a movie?” He asks and gets under the blanket before pulling me close to him on the couch.

“No,” I laugh. I was too worried about him that I ended up coming down here and waiting for him. “I’m good with whatever though.” I tell him.

“Kay.” He says and flips through the movie channels on the television. He’s holding my hand and absent-mindedly stroking the back of it with his thumb, but I feel so distant from him.

“What did your Mum say?”

Harry sighs. “Not much. She was just worried about me and mad that I didn’t tell her sooner.”

I nod and decide not to ask him any more questions. His mood has shifted once again, but I choose to focus on the fact that he’s still here, holding my hand, rather than going MIA for three days again. I’ll give him some time, and hopefully he’ll work through whatever he’s going through soon.

Harry ends up picking some movie, but I’m suddenly too lost in my mind to focus on it. I let my eyelids close and my head rest on his shoulder while he watches the movie intently, but my eyes flutter open when I feel his lips on mine.

Even though his mood swings are giving me whiplash, I’m all for make out time with Harry, so of course I kiss him back. He kisses me hard as his hands grip in my long hair, and a deep groan emanates deep from his throat.

My hands grip his shirt as his tongue invades and strokes my mouth, leaving me breathless. I know we’re risking it with Anne just upstairs, but there’s no way I can resist this man in front of me right now.

“Chloe, fuck.” He groans into my mouth and takes one of my hands in his and brings it down to the bulge under the zipper of his jeans. “I need you, baby.” He says into my ear before pulling the lobe between his teeth.

I grab at his belt and fumble with the buckle and the button of his jeans when a voice upstairs stops my movements.

I’m surprised when Harry rest his forehead against mine and laughs breathlessly. “Your Dad is a cock block.” He teases.

I laugh a little and kiss Harry. “It probably wasn’t a good idea away,” I remind him. “We’ll finish this later, though.” I wink and palm his groin.

“You little tease.”

“I should go talk to my Dad.” I sigh. I haven’t talked to him since the night he told me the truth about why he left, and I know I need to. I also know I need to get away from Harry before I’m tempted to stay and risk us being caught.

“I should go take a cold shower.” He counters. I laugh and get up to straighten myself out. “I’ll see ya at dinner, sis.”

“Ugh, don’t call me that.”

Harry laughs and grabs my arm when I start for the stairs. He kisses me briefly, but passionately. “Thanks for taking care of me today.”

I smile and nod before he lets me go. I wonder what the hell is going through his mind today that is making him so moody, but I’m not given much time to do so when I get to the top of the steps and see my Dad sitting in the living room.

“Hey, Chlo. How was your weekend?” He greets me with a cautious smile.

“It was good.” I tell him. I walk over and sit on the chair across from the couch he’s sitting on and hesitate before continuing. “Dad, I’m sorry… for everything. I shouldn’t have been angry and rude to you when there was no reason for me to be. I’m glad I’m able to be in your life again, and I just want to move forward from all of this.”

He takes a deep breath and takes a second before responding. “I’m glad you feel that way, kiddo. I would like to move forward too, and I accept your apology, although you don’t owe me one. You didn’t know, Chloe. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“It’s fine, Dad. Like I said, let’s just forget about it and move on. I’m done holding that grudge, and it feels good to just move past it all.” I admit and he agrees with a nod.

“I love you, Chloe.” He smiles and walks over to me to give me a hug. “I’m happy we’re moving on. Now let’s go have some dinner, that stir fry Anne has going in there smells delicious.”

I agree and follow him into the kitchen where Anne is setting the table. Dad goes to kiss her on the cheek, and I offer myself to go tell Harry that dinner is ready.

I leave the kitchen and run upstairs to get Harry, but I stop when I hear him on the phone with someone through the closed door of his room.

“Calm down!” He practically yells. I can tell he’s angry or frustrated. “No, she shouldn’t have called you, nothing happened.”

I try to guess what he’s talking about, and to whom, but only hearing one side of this conversation is making that difficult.

"I’m hanging up now.” He snaps and I hear something loud hit the wall.

I immediately open the door and see Harry standing with his back to me and his hands fisted in his hair.

“Harry, who was that?” I ask with caution after seeing his phone in pieces on the floor.

He turns around to see me, and he looks surprised to see me standing there. “My father.” He simply responds, all of the anger from his voice gone. Thank God.

“Is everything okay?” I step closer to him.

“Yeah,” He sighs. “My Mum just called him and made a bigger deal out of me crashing my bike than it really is.”

I nod, not knowing what to say. “Well, dinner’s ready…”

“I’ll be down in a sec.” He tells me. I nod and leave his room, wondering what is really going on with him.


After a typical “family” dinner consisting of a quiet Harry, Anne talking the whole time, my Dad talking about his damn work, and me only adding to the conversation when necessary, I head up to my room and get ready for bed.

As I shampoo my hair in the shower, I dread school tomorrow morning. I hate Sundays, especially this one. Things have just been so weird and off today, and I feel like I just need another day to get things back to normal.

I finally force myself out of the shower when the water begins to turn cold, and continue my nightly routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth and what not..

I decide to give Harry some space when he doesn’t make any attempt to talk to me after dinner. We’ve been together all day so I’m not that broken about it, and I also can sense there’s obviously something going on, but I’m just fine with letting him come to me if he needs to rather than nagging him to tell me what’s really up.

Once I settle into bed and get comfortable, my door cracks open, and even though it’s dark, I can tell it’s Harry.

“Got room for one more?” He asks.

“Always.” I smile and hold up the blankets for him to join me. I’m smiling when he snuggles up to me, because I’m happy he’s here.

Once we get comfortable, we lay in an easy silence. It’s not awkward, but calming. I crave for these moments where we’re just laying in each other’s arms without exchanging words; as if our presence is enough.

“Harry,” I reluctantly interrupt the quiet. “what’s going on with you?” I ask.

Things between us have been resolved, and I’m so happy he’s come back to me, but I’m going crazy over here trying to figure out what the hell is causing him to have these mood shifts. He’s angry one minute, quiet the next, and then, all of a sudden, he’s all over me like it’s the last time he’ll see me. I just want an explanation.

“What do you mean?” He asks, but I know he understands what I mean.

“Is there something you’re not telling me? Because I feel like you’ve been on edge today, and it’s a little exhausting.” I admit as I run my fingers through his soft hair.

“I’m sorry.” He sighs and closes his eyes.

“Don’t be sorry Harry, just tell me what’s going on. No secrets, remember?”

“I just have a lot of shit going on, and it’s a lot to handle. I’m sorry, Chloe, I’m trying not to let it affect me, but every thing's getting to me and I feel like I’m going insane.”

“Tell me, Harry.” I plead. “I’m here for you, whatever it is, I’ll help you in anyway I can.”

“I know that, I do, it’s just… it’s hard for me to open up.” He says like it’s hard for him to even admit that.

“That’s the thing Harry, you need to. I hardly know you, and I feel like you know everything about me.” God, I did not want this to turn into a deep conversation, but it’s needed.

“You know more about me than anyone, Chlo.” He tells me and pushes a stubborn strand of hair out of my face.

“I want to know more, Harry.” I press.

He clenches his eyes together before looking deep into my eyes. “I can’t lose you, Chloe.” He says seriously.

“Harry, you’re not going to lose me, I’m just asking you to open up to me.”

“Yeah, but if I do, there’s a good chance you’re going to run, and I can’t let that happen.”

My heart rate spikes and I’m suddenly nervous. Shit. I just wanted to know what he’s feeling, what’s going in that mind of his, but now I’m finding out that he has something that could suddenly change my feelings for him? What the fuck is he about to tell me?

“I’m not running. Whatever it is, I'll understand.” I tell him. “You know how fucked up my past is,”

“Chloe,” He begins, “Can we just talk tomorrow?”

“No Harry. Tell me what’s going on, tell me what’s bugging you. I’m not going anywhere.” I promise and caress his face.

“Don’t break up with me, Chloe, don’t leave me. I can’t let that happen.” He shakes his head and buries his face in my neck.

“I’m here, I’ll always be here.” I whisper as my heart breaks for this hurting boy.

He remains quiet for a minute before finally looking at me again. “It’s kind of a long story,” He sighs.

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