A Very Tinder Christmas

Michael - 21 - Need someone to bring home for Christmas because I panicked and told my family I had a girlfriend and now they’re insisting that she comes on our annual Christmas trip with us. Must be okay with being called Rose. Must have a passport. ~A Christmas Competition 2nd Place Winner~


3. Chapter Three

After the first ten minutes I decided that, if it were up to just me, there would be a second date/whatever-this-was-considered.

Michael was pretty nice and fairly funny. We seemed to have the same sense of humor which is a highly important thing when it comes to befriending/dating someone. He referenced a meme early on and then froze, realizing that he just referenced a meme, but as soon as I smiled, shook my head, and let out a slight chuckle, he relaxed and the conversation got substantially less forced after that.

We spent a majority of the time asking each other questions to get to know one another better, and when we couldn’t think of any more, we started googling them.

“Do you play Pokémon Go?” he asked me hesitantly.

“Do you really think I’d play Pokémon Go?” I countered, cocking an eyebrow before letting out a laugh at his slightly confused expression. “Of course I do! It’s a beautiful game!”

He smiled. “Our next date shall be a PokéDate,” Michael stated and I gave him a stern look.

“That depends, what level are you?”

He smiled wider. “I’m thirty-eight, you?”

“Thirty-six. I was just making sure you were at least a 30, otherwise I wouldn’t go on a PokéDate with you.”

Somehow his smile got even wider. “So you’re agreeing to go on another date with me?” He asked and I nodded.

“Of course.”

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