A Very Tinder Christmas

Michael - 21 - Need someone to bring home for Christmas because I panicked and told my family I had a girlfriend and now they’re insisting that she comes on our annual Christmas trip with us. Must be okay with being called Rose. Must have a passport. ~A Christmas Competition 2nd Place Winner~


5. Chapter Five

The rest of the night was spent walking around the campus holding hands, talking, and playing Pokemon Go. We ended up meeting with a group of people to do raids with and we played until Michael and I got hungry and we left everyone to go and get some dinner.

Since we were both 21, we decided to go to the closest bar that had food so we could eat and drink. I ordered a burger with fries and Michael did the same.

He got a Jack and Coke and I got a vodka lemonade, and we ate, drank, and talked for the next hour.

“So,” he said, sipping on his drink, “Kelsey?” He asked and I nodded. “I know it’s really quick but I only have five days left and we seem to get along great so, would you be Rose?”

I let out a surprised chuckle. This was the first time him and I had talked about Josie and the possibility of her going on his family’s Christmas trip. “Maybe.”

He let out a sigh, “I’ll take a maybe,” he said with a small smile, “it’s better than a no.”

“Where are you going on your trip?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Europe. It’s a week long trip and were mainlyh going to be in London, but we’re planning on heading to Paris for a day or two.”

“Europe?” I asked, dumbfounded.


I gave him a look. “You’re parents would pay for a girl they’ve never met to fly to another continent?” I asked slowly.

He paused for a second, seeming to pretend to think. “Uhhhhh, yeah.”

“That’s outrageous.”

Michael shrugged. “That’s my family.”

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