A Very Tinder Christmas

Michael - 21 - Need someone to bring home for Christmas because I panicked and told my family I had a girlfriend and now they’re insisting that she comes on our annual Christmas trip with us. Must be okay with being called Rose. Must have a passport. ~A Christmas Competition 2nd Place Winner~


8. Chapter Eight

The eight-and-a-half-hour plane ride went by faster than I thought it would. I was in First Class, sitting by Michael, and we spent the time playing poker, we used gummy bears instead of chips, and we talked the whole time, trying to get to know each other better and agree on the story of how we met.

We kept it simple and very truthful. We met on Tinder and our first date was to a coffee shop and our second one was playing Pokémon Go like a bunch of losers, but it was truthful and we had not problem being losers because at least we were losers together.

Time flew by and eventually we unboarded and went through customs, immigration, baggage claim, and then out to the ‘tubes’ to get to our hotel.

When we got there, Michael and I were handed a room key and told we were be staying in our own room so ‘no one would bother us.’ I chuckled at that, knowing nothing would happen since I just met this guy like a week ago and we’ve only kissed a handful of times.

But hey, at least it wouldn’t be as weird as sharing a room with Sam and Jackie.

As we got to our room, Michael said, “I’ll sleep on the floor or something if you want me too.” I gave him an ‘Are you serious? Look’ and he went and jumped on the bed and pat the space next to him. “Whatever you want,” he said with a smile.

I put my stuff down and dive-bombed the bed before cuddling into him and pecking him on the lips. “We can share, I don’t care.” 

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