Never Forget (5SOS Fanfic)

They are just a group of 4 normal girls and 4 normal boys- well 4 talented boys, but that’s normal, right?

They survived high school, but then the boys’ talents are recognised by the famous band One Direction and are offered to join them on tour. Of course they say yes. Will all 4 of them keep their promises they made with the girls? Or will all the fame get to their heads?

WARNING: Mature language is used. There will be references to smut but it will not be as detailed for the sake of younger viewers.


3. Chapter 2

Destiny’s POV

“So how’s the puppy search going?” Emma asked. Just at the mention of his future dog made Calum smile.

“Great! Found one last week that is so freaking adorable! Picking him up on Saturday.” Calum practically jumped up and down. Me and Emma started laughing. Calum acted like such a child sometimes.

“Awesome! Come up with a name yet?” Emma grinned.

“Nope.” He said.

“He has to have a punk rock name if he’s going to be yours, Cal.” I joked.

“HEY BESTIES!” An extremely wasted Michael joined us.

“Oh brother...” Calum mumbled.

“Ignore him. He had too much Vodka.” Olivia stood next to him.

“I see.” Emma laughed.

“Well, it’s midnight. Time to call it a night.” Olivia sighed.

“Yeah, first we have to find the others.” I nodded.

“Well I’m here. Sierra left with that dude an hour ago. Ashton is making out with some girl with purple hair.” Luke joined us.

“What happened to the blonde?” Emma asked.

“She had sex with him and left.” Luke explained.

“Of course.” Emma muttered.

“I heard the girl say to him that they should go to her place. I believe he agreed.” Luke added.

“Ok. Let’s head home then.” Olivia sighed.

“Ready to go?” Luke asked.

“Emma, me and Calum will drop you off.” I thought for a moment. Within a few minutes, we arranged everything and headed off.


When I woke up, Calum was still fast asleep. I checked the time. 11:50 AM. I sat up and poked Calum’s nose.

“Hey, wake up, Cal.” I said. He mumbled something I couldn’t understand.

“C’mon, it’s almost noon. You have to meet up with the boys in 2 hours for band rehearsal.” I lightly hit his bare chest before getting out of bed. I went to the bathroom to brush my long blonde hair and brush my teeth.

When I entered our room again, Calum was already dressed in black skinny jeans with holes in the knees and his black Nirvana shirt. He was on the bed putting on his black Converse.

“Morning, Rockstar.” I kissed his forehead.

“Morning.” He yawned. Calum got up and went into the bathroom. While he was in there I quickly changed into a red crop top, light blue denim high waisted shorts, and my white high top Converse. I pulled my hair into a high ponytail. By then, Calum had finished in the bathroom.

“Hey, I’m heading over to Sierra’s in an hour to help plan Luke’s surprise party and to chill with the girls. I should be back by 5:30ish.” I told him as I grabbed my phone.

“Ok. I’ll be here by 6.” Calum nodded. We headed downstairs. I decided to make pancakes. While I did this, Calum went and watched TV.

Once we finished eating, it was about time for me to leave.

“Hey, I’m gonna get going.” I grabbed my keys.

“Ok, love you.” He smiled and gave me a quick hug.

“Love ya too. Have fun at rehearsal.” I pecked his lips quickly. Soon, I was out the door and heading to Sierra’s, and hoping that there wouldn’t be any drama.

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