Never Forget (5SOS Fanfic)

They are just a group of 4 normal girls and 4 normal boys- well 4 talented boys, but that’s normal, right?

They survived high school, but then the boys’ talents are recognised by the famous band One Direction and are offered to join them on tour. Of course they say yes. Will all 4 of them keep their promises they made with the girls? Or will all the fame get to their heads?

WARNING: Mature language is used. There will be references to smut but it will not be as detailed for the sake of younger viewers.


1. Cast/Intro To the Characters

In this chapter, you will meet the cast of ‘Never Forget’. Here is a list. In parentheses will be their crush, girlfriend/boyfriend, and sibling(s).

1. Ashton Irwin (Siblings: Harry and Lauren; Crush: Emma)

2. Luke Hemmings (Siblings: Ben, Jack, and Destiny)

3. Michael Clifford (Girlfriend: Olivia)

4. Calum Hood (Siblings: Mali-Koa; Girlfriend: Destiny)

5. Emma Hart (Siblings: Maxwell; Crush: Ashton)

6. Destiny Hemmings (Siblings: Ben, Jack, and Luke; Boyfriend: Calum)

7. Olivia Walker (Siblings: Amy and Ralph; Boyfriend: Michael)

8. Sierra Wilds (Crush: Luke)

9. Niall Horan (Crush: Sierra)

10. Louis Tomlinson (Most Mentioned Siblings: Lottie and Phoebe; Girlfriend: Danielle)

11. Zayn Malik (Fiancé: Perrie Edwards)

12. Liam Payne (Girlfriend: Mia Jenkins)

13. Harry Styles (Crush: Emma)

14. Perrie Edwards (Fiancé: Zayn)

15. Jade Thirlwall (Crush: Ashton)

16. Mali-Koa Hood (Siblings: Calum)

So yes that is a lot but those are the main characters! Next chapter will be the start of the book!

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