Pregnant and Alone

Cassandra has never had sex in her life.
She wanted to remain a virgin until the right guy came along.
But after accidentally trading towels with a mystery boy at the public pool, she turns up pregnant.
The doctor confirms that beside the sperm (which he said yes could have been transmitted from the towel) there were no signs of any sexual intercourse.
Not knowing who in their small town got her pregnant, or what to do she decides she will keep the baby.
So as she looks for the right guy, and the real father, she will have some struggles


1. Chapter - 1

I found myself weeping in the exam room.


It was a foreign word.

I never thought that it would apply to me.

For that I was only in fact 21 years of age.

I wiped my eyes as my father ran through the the door.

"Honey I got your message I came as soon as I could!" He said looking me over

I could see the bump forming on my belly, I never thought it was anything but a little bit of weight I was adding on. Obviously I never could've thought what it actually was.

He hugged me tight.

After awhile I could see my mother standing in the doorway.

I could practically feel the disappointment rolling off of her.

I'd always been the reliable kid, I followed right in her footsteps, and now that I was what I was, I could tell she thought that I had betrayed my promise of finding the one.

I'd already asked the doctor if she could find some way to prove it, there wasn't really any 100% tests, but there was enough.

"Mrs. And Mr.Walter, I'm glad you came" the doctor said shutting the door behind her


"So there must've been some way she accidentally contracted the sperm." The doctor spoke

My mother nodded looking deep in thought, I could almost breathe again as she no longer gave me the angry vibe.

"I asked your daughter to give me a list of places she went around the time period I think she contracted it, and the best guess I can give of to where she got it was the public pools" she said sympathetically

I sighed the one time I freakin go there, and it was not even purposely Kennedy pushed me in when I went to pick her up. There were many guys there that I could've got it from, and I shuddered at the thought.

I left the doctors office in awe after she broke the news to me that I had in fact been 5 months pregnant.

5 months.

The only reason I freakin knew something was up, because I felt like I'd been sick for a long time. Me missing my periods, I hated my period so I really didn't even question when it didn't come.

My mom and dad offered to take me to lunch but I wasn't up to the task.

And plus I'd had so many things to do tiday, that I still needed to do.

I go into my BMW and pressed my head against the wheel, before speeding of.

I immediately went home and showered shuddering just at the thought of some guys sperm on something that I touched. I put on some fresh clothing which consisted of a to the ankles flowing dress, with a long black to the ankles leather jacket.

Black made the bump less noticeable, I didn't really mind people seeing my belly.

I didn't care if they thought id given up my promise, because I didn't make the promise to them I made it to me, and I know I didn't brake it.

My mother would've died if she heard me say that. She didn't want her high class friends to think I slept with someone, she said that she'd like to break it to them. It's not like I Was going to see any of them, they all had people do their errands for them. Which I could do if I wanted but I'd never been like that. I like to do things on my own, not have them done for me. My friend Jennifer was the first person I called when I'd found out from the doctor and she hysterically apologized over the phone after finding out the theory of where it happened.

She told me that I should start buying things for him. That's right before my mother and father arrived the doctor did I fact confirm that it was a boy. I love the idea of gender reveals so I wanted to keep it a secret. I used to watch those videos all the time but I never in a million years thought that I'd be the one doing one.

Anyways I had a three bedroom house, my mom limiting me on how small. She loved to show off her wealth to people. Look guys my daughter is only 25 and she's had the highest test scores in the state, went to college at UCLA, is now a model, and has a 3 bedroom house. She was like that and everyone knew it.

I went to UCLA for business, and I was becoming a model before this. Luckily the academy told me that I could live anywhere and they would call when my shoots were coming up. I gladly accepted wanting to live free while I could. 10 agencies offered me a contract right off the bat. Which I signed to one.

So here I was laying on the ground wishing that Channing Tatum would show up to my house holding a pizza and profess his love for me. I wish, he was amazing. I started getting hungry so,I ordered post mates. When I heard a knock on the door I attempted to get up, it took my 3 tries before finally getting it. When I got to the door I found this tall guy waiting I grabbed my Jack In The Box. And closed the door I ran to the table I ate like there was no tommmorow.

After watching Stranger Things, again I wenti to go lay down.

I didn't realize but there were tears rolling down my cheeks. How did I end up he? I asked myself this is everything that I didn't want. But I would never let my baby know that. And that was the night I promised my baby that I would love him no matter what, and I would put him first.

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