Wedding | B.A.P's Yongguk x Reader

"If there is anyone who think Y/N and Yongguk should not be husband and wife, please make yourself known" The priest announced looking at the crowd in front of him.

Both you and Yongguk looked at each other with weird looks waiting for someone to say something.



3. brave.


When we got home, I told Joon to take out what flavour noodles he wanted from the bag whilst I checked on mum. Ever since she changed her life, I had to be cautious of her surroundings.

I knocked on her bedroom door twice before entering, "Mum?" I said in a soft voice, checking if she is actually in the room.

Within a split second, an empty glass bottle was smashed up against the wall almost hitting my head. I ducked, crouching into a ball shape.

As I looked up, I saw something I'd never see in her eyes.


"I told you to come right back, what took so long?" She growled her words, taking a drag on her cigarette tapping the ash on the ground.

"J-Joon wanted to play in the park for a bit, I couldn't say no," I said jumping my words slightly. The feeling of fear was already climbing up my body.

Mum let out a witch cackle laugh, "Stop lying" She said with anger in her eyes. My vision went blurry as tears started to fill up my eye sockets.

"I'm not lying" I walked backwards trying to escape from whatever is going to happen next.

Warning: Violence.

Mum snarled at me, clenching her fists together. She took massive steps towards causing me to walk back only to hit the door.

Her fist colliding with my cheek, harshly hitting the cheekbone making me cry in pain. I turned my head to the right, holding my cheek with my hand.

She took the advantage to kick my stomach by using her killer high heels. I'd let out a sob, not standing the pain anymore. 

"Y/N? You okay?" I heard Joon's innocent voice coming from outside the door, trying to see what was going on by looking through the bottom of the door.

I took a deep breath, my shaking slowly fading. "I'm.. I'm fine Joon, go back to your room" I slowed down my words, convincing Joon not to come in.

"Okay.." Joon muttered sadly, his feet thumping against the creaking floorboard.

I bit my lip, the taste of blood making me cringe. Resting my head on the door, I saw Mum walking back to her 'station' where she would hide her drugs and alcohol.

She promised us she would stop. I can even remember her speech about wanting to stop drinking.

"I know for the past few months I haven't been myself lately, I want to be the perfect mother you'd always wanted. I've checked myself into rehab for a few months so they can help me with my addiction.

You are so brave, Y/N, you don't deserve me as a mother. Sometimes I feel like you don't even want me around anymore but that's probably me thinking non-sense.

I promise you that I will get help and become a stronger woman!"

I believed in every single word that came out of her mouth, wishing she actually stayed true to her words.

But within a month after going into rehab, she came out 'clean' but the night she came home, she was already drinking all sorts of alcohol, rolling up joints smoking like she was the only one in the household.

I don't trust my mum anymore because she never believes in things. 

She left caring for her youngest son, leaving her 18-year-old daughter to look after him.

I groaned as I tried to stand up, bending halfway as the pain was growing tremendously.

"What a pathetic daughter" I heard her mutter, my knuckles went white as I tightened the grip on the door handle.

"Well, what a pathetic excuse for a mum" Was the last thing I said before escaping the hazardous room.

I leaned against the wall next to mum's door. Walking down the hall, I opened the bathroom door pulling out the first aid box to fix my bruises and cuts.

A nice purple shade forming around cheekbone area, some dry blood sticking against my skin.

I lifted up my tshirt showing my stomach, to see a much bigger bruise forming, touching it slightly I winced as it hurt.

"Y/N, I need a pee-pee!" Joon said urgently, singing his words.

I sighed, opening the door to see his precious little face looking up at me.

He gasped as he saw my face, "What's happened?" He said, trying to touch my bruised cheek. I turned my head away so he couldn't touch it.

"Nothing hunny, go fore a pee if you need one" I ushered him, closing the door after him.

Joon ran to the toilet, jumping onto it as he silently listened to nothing.

I opened up the first aid box, taking out the gauze and cotton pads, dabbing the dry blood. Wincing every now and then, I put the used pads away in the bin, I stared into the mirror seeing a damaged girl.

I may look nice and delicate but it's a whole different story once you walk through my house.

"C'mon Joon, let's brush our teeth together" I said washing our toothbrushes together before putting on the paste.

Joon had a Car singing toothbrush that sang the theme tune. His favourite character was Lightning McQueen.

Whilst I had a plain, old toothbrush.

I saw Joon dancing around whilst brushing his teeth. I giggled at the weird boy, continuing to brush my own teeth.

After spitting out the paste, I took Joon to our room. My room was big enough to put two beds in.

I didn't force Joon to move in with me, he even asked me if he could sleep in my room.

As we approached my room, I felt my phone vibrate.

Unknown Number:
Read 22:29

Unknown Number:
Its Yongguk, the guy you met in the park
Read 22:29

Unknown Number:
Just wondering if you want to hang out more.
Read 22:30

I smiled, reading his messages.

"What are you smiling at?" Joon teased you, going on his tiptoes to gawk at what you are looking at.

I hid my phone against my chest, "Nothing, got to bed you. You have school tomorrow!" I told him, handing him his teddy.

Joon pouted his lips, climbing into his bed. Tucking under the duvet with his teddy, I kissed him on the cheek before muttered 'goodnight'.

I replied back to Yongguk.

Read 22:32


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