Help Centre | Min Yoongi x Reader

"Welcome to Help Centre, how can I help?"

"I need someone to talk to"

A story where two strangers talk to the phone slowly exchanging numbers, fall in love.


2. the second call

"Welcome to Help Centre, how can I help?" The same person answered the second call, making you quite nervous.

You licked your lips, "Hey. I called your earlier on. I shouted out at you for no reason so I'm sorry for doing that" You said, fiddling with your bed sheets.

"It's completely fine. It's probably your first time calling isn't it?" The person asked, already wanting to help you.

"Y-yeah it is. If I can ask, what is your name?" You shyly asked, biting your nails anxiously.

"It's Yoongi, what's yours?" Yoongi asked nicely.

"Y/N" You bluntly responded back with not hesitation.

"It's nice to meet you Y/N" Yoongi said softly as he writes down your name on a piece of paper.

You nodded even though he couldn't see you.

"How come you ended the call in a rush?" Yoongi wondered, wanting to know why.

You pursed your lips before answering his question.

"I was in a bad mood that day" You whispered down to the speaker as you heard the front door open.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Yoongi asked, feeling worried about your health.

"No, I've got to go" You rushed your words, ending the call at the same time as the bedroom door was opened by your drunk dad.

Warning: Contains violence! (I will tell you when you can read if you hate violence)

"Who were you talking to?" Your dad shouted at your, making you wince from his loud voice.

"N-no one!" You whimpered as you walk back to sit down on your bed, feeling frightened.

Your dad stumbled towards you, his heaving breathing mixed with alcohol and cigarettes filling the room. He took his right hand, slapping you hard on the right cheek.

A tear escaped from your eyes, your bottom lip started to shake. Taking your right hand, you gently placed it on your red, swollen area wincing from the pain.

"Don't you lie to me Y/N! Now tell me who were you talking to?" He roared his words, vibrating the entire room.

Can now read!

"Y/B/F" You sobbed your heart out, bending your knees placing your head between your knee bones.

You heard your dad huffed, "Stupid kid" He muttered, slamming your bedroom door. You kept on sobbing until you couldn't physically feel your body.

Your eye vision went blurry as you lifted your head. As gently as you can lying down on your bed, your eyes closed automatically as you hit the soft pillow. Tears still flowing down our cheeks.

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