Help Centre | Min Yoongi x Reader

"Welcome to Help Centre, how can I help?"

"I need someone to talk to"

A story where two strangers talk to the phone slowly exchanging numbers, fall in love.


7. the fourth call.

"Welcome to Help Centre, Jin speaking" An unfamiliar voice answered the call making you think twice.

"Sorry wrong n-number" You stuttered, feeling tears escaping from your eyes.

"Are you sure? You okay, sweetie?" Jin asked sweetly to you.

"N-no, I need to speak to someone" Your voiced croaked halfway, the emotion of sadness slowly draining your voice.

"Do you want to talk to me or do you prefer someone else?" The nice man asked gently, not wanting you to harm yourself.

"Is Yoongi there?" You asked straightforward, not regretting what you said.

Jin hummed, looking up from his desk to see if the blonde hair man was around.

"No he isn't unfortunately, do you always talk to him?" Jin wondered as he wrote down of a piece of paper.

"Y-yeah" Your voiced started to go down, like you couldn't speak anymore.

"I'm not aloud to do this but I'm going to do it for your sake because I can tell by your voice you are hurting. Would you like Yoongi's number so you can talk to him?" Jin asked nicely, ready to give you Yoongi's number.

"U-um okay-y" You whispered, trying to find a piece of paper and pen.

"It's ***_****_***" Jin said, smiling at the end.

After righting down the numbers, you thanked Jin over the phone.

"Thank you Jin, sorry for wasting your time" You said, looking down at the written piece of paper.

"You didn't waste my time, it was nice talking to you. If you can't get a hold on Yoongi, come speak to me okay? I'm Jin by the way" Jin said gently, looking at his partner who was talking to someone on the phone.

"Okay. Bye" You ended the call, ready to type in Yoongi's number.

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