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"Welcome to Help Centre, how can I help?"

"I need someone to talk to"

A story where two strangers talk to the phone slowly exchanging numbers, fall in love.


4. school part 2 + new friend

Opening the door in front of you, you saw one person sitting at the front.

He had cherry blossom hair, round glasses, pouty lips that was covered in lip gloss.

He looked up at you with a look that you wouldn't believe existed; starstruck gaze.

"Hi, I'm Park Jimin. I'm new here" He said standing up bowing in respect.

"I'm Y/N" You said almost whispering as you made your way to the back.

Jimin frowned, pouting his lips as he watched you walk past him.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you? You seem nice" He asked you, closing his journal type book.

You shook your head making Jimin smile.

One by one, the seats were filled up students. They gave you odd looks, probably thinking 'why is the new kid sitting next to you?'.

Jimin must've seen the sad look on your face as he placed his hand on your shoulder, "You okay?" He said softly, rubbing your tensed shoulder with his thumb.


You nodded, showing off an fake smile trying to persuade Jimin that you are indeed okay.

"Okay class. We've got a new student joining our today" The teacher said writing today's topic on the whiteboard.

Writing Song Lyrics.

"Is Park Jimin here?" The teacher raised their right eyebrow, looking for him.

Jimin's cheek flushed into a hot pink shade as he raised his hand up. The teacher smiled at him, "Welcome Jimin" They said before paying attention more to the lesson.

You tried so hard to concentrate but your mind wouldn't let you. People were snickering at you, throwing pieces of paper at you.

You were suspicious of what they wrote so you picked up one, unscrambling the paper.

Nobody wants you here. Go live with your mum in heaven!

You shoved everything you had out into your bag, rushing out towards the door. But before that happened, someone leaned their leg out making you trip landing in a bad position on the floor.

A sob escaped your lips as you skipped towards the door.

Jimin was curious what the note said.

After he read it, he was furious. He looked up seeing everyone laughing about the situation that occurred.

He also packed up his bag, strutting over the person who wrote the harsh words.

"Excuse me? Did you wrote this?" Jimin said battering his eyes lightly, a big smile rose on his lips.

Taehyung, the person who wrote the paper, looked up to Jimin seductively biting his lip. "Yes I did princess, what are you doing to do about it?" He said trailing his fingers up against Jimin's arm making him cringe.

"This" Was the last thing he said before punching the living daylights out of him.

The entire class gasped at the action, some were even videoing the moment.

"FYI! I'm not your princess" Jimin snarl into Taehyung's ear before running out the classroom with his belonging trying to find you.

- An hour later -

You hid behind a large tree, leaning against the bark of the tree. Your hand pressed against your chest, feeling your heart beating hard.

"Y/N?" You heard Jimin shouting your name. Closing your eyes shut, you responded back.

"Yes?" You voice cracked halfway through making you go into a coughing fit.

Jimin looked around the tree to see you hunched down in a ball-shape. He frowned, crouching down to your height.

"I'm here. I won't leave you" Jimin said to you as he wrap his arms around your shoulders, letting you cry into his chest.

You uncontrollably sobbed your heart out until you started to feel tired.

"Do you want to go back to mine? My boyfriend won't mind you coming over" He whispered into your ear.

You nodded, letting his carry your bag.

He took your hand, intertwining with his.

Thank you, Jimin

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