Help Centre | Min Yoongi x Reader

"Welcome to Help Centre, how can I help?"

"I need someone to talk to"

A story where two strangers talk to the phone slowly exchanging numbers, fall in love.


3. school part 1.

"Y/N?" You felt someone shaking your shoulder, making you to scrunch our face in pain.

You slowly opened your eyes to see your best friend standing up looking at you with worry written in her/his eyes.

"Y/N, wake up. It's time for school" They said taking the fallen strands of hair from your face.

You pouted making your best friend chuckle, "C'mon I'll treat you to some food on the way to school" They said handing you freshly made clothes.

Nodding, you told your Y/B/F to wait outside so you can get changed by yourself.

At first they were confused but they let it slide.

You slip out of the duvet to get out of bed. The first you did was to go into your bathroom to see how your cheek is.

It was still red from the other night but the swollen area is slowly going down. You carefully cleansed your face, being cautious of your injured cheek.

After you've done that, you quickly get changed in the bathroom before brushing your teeth.

"Y/B/F!" You shouted to get your friends attention.

"Yes Y/N?" They shouted back, leaning against the cold chipped door frame.

"You can come in now" You said as you start to lace up your shoes.

Y/B/F came in, their jaw dropped to the floor when they saw you, making yourself a bit weary of what you were wearing.

"What is it? Shall I change?" You start to panic, your chest rising up and down rapidly trying to catch your breathing.

"No no no! You look stunning. Who are you trying to impress?" Y/B/F smirked at you, giggling away. You rolled your eyes as you picked up your bag along with your important essentials: phone, charger and earphones.

"Let's go to hell" You sighed as you quietly walk down the creaky staircase.

"Y/N! Where are you going?" You heard the voice that you hate the most.

"School" You said bluntly to your 'lovely dad'.

"Come back here straight away as you've got a meeting with the Councillor" He used his pleasant tone of voice, which is not working for you.

"Whatever" You muttered, shoving your best friend out of the door.  

                      School Grounds 

As you and Y/B/F reached school, you saw everyone looking straight at you with envy.

You huffed, grabbing Y/B/F's hand dragging her into the building.

"What was that all about?" Y/B/F said as both of you arrived at the lockers.

"I don't know but I don't care" You said with no enthusiasm written in your tone of voice.

Y/B/F pursed their lips, not wanting to push you with more questions. You muttered 'see ya' to Y/B/F before heading off to your favourite class:


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