Kj Apa | Fraction.

when hazel's grandmother decides to sign her up for an anonymous app to get friends in an new town, everything changes.
Hazel starts texting with a mysterious stranger, and longs to find out who he is.


2. Chapter Two - FootballGuy97.

Chapter Two - FootballGuy97.

I woke up when i was blinded by the sun. 
I stretched and looked at my phone.
9.45 AM.
I quickly got huge eyes and jumped out of bed.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck! I'm so late"
I quickly pulled on my white t-shirt and light blue overalls as i ran through my room and pushed my macbook into my backpack.
I put my black hair into a high ponytail, and ran into the hallway.
"Granny, why didn't you wake me up!? I'm super late!"
No responds. She must still have been sleeping. 

I quickly pulled on my white vans and ran towards the bus stop.
The bus was late.
Which meant that i was really fucking late now.

Finally the bus was here, and before i looked around, i arrived at college.
I got off, and looked on my screen on my phone.
10.13 AM
I quickly found my class and tried to sit down as quiet as possible, when the teacher stopped talking and looked up at me.
"You're late"
I got huge eyes and looked down at her.
suddently everyone was starring at me.
"I know, i'm really sorry. It won't happen again"
The teacher sighed.
"What is your name young lady?"
I sat down and pushed a little piece of hair behind my left ear.
"Uhm Hazel Adams"
The teacher rolled her eyes.
"Sit down Hazel, we just started talking about Einstein"
I just looked at the floor, and sat down. 

Suddently my phone vibrated.
Poply - You have 1 new message.

I sighed and unlocked my phone as i thought to myself.
"Please don't be another idiot"

- FootballGuy97 : Hey Cookie98, how was your morning? :) 
I smiled at my phone, as i replied.

- Cookie98 : Hey there. Kinda stressful... I overslept. :/
He anwsered so quickly, and suddently the messages between us was flying around.

- FootballGuy97 : Aww i'm so sorry to hear that. I've been on this app for a few weeks, and i haven't seen you on here before. are you new in town?
- Cookie98 : Yeah, just moved here with my grandma. She made me go on this app... Which is the reason for my username.
- FootballGuy97 : Haha, Where do you go to school?
- Cookie98 : Uhm today is my first day at UCLA.
- FootballGuy97 : No way! I'm on my 2nd year at UCLA!

I cound't believe it! I actually found a person at the same school as me.

- Cookie98 : That's so cool! Now atleast i know one person here! haha.
- FootballGuy97 : Yeah! Maybe i'll show you around some day. 

The teacher just went on and on with the class.
i didn't really listen.
I was so focused on this guy.

- Cookie98 : Yeah, i'd like that.

Class ended before i realised it.
i got up and walked towards the hallway.
So many people.
He could be anywhere, and anyone.

I sat down at a bench outside, when i noticed a group of people sitting at the fountan.
A couple of guys, and a few girls. 
They looked like they were having fun. 
Everyone was laughing, exept one.
A dark red haired guy was looking down at his phone.
Maybe if he didn't stare at his phone all the time, he would enjoy the moments with his friends.
Cus he actually had some.
I had one, and i didn't even know his name or who he was. 

He hadn't answered in a while.
I guess he was busy with the people he hang around with.

I looked at our convesation, and sighed.
Please don't be a creep FootballGuy97.
I wanted to text him again. 
Would it be weird if i did?

i sighed and started typing.

­- Cookie98 : So you like football?

within seconds he answered again.

- FootballGuy97 : Yeah, i'm here on a football scholarship. What are your interests?
- Cookie98 : Uhm i'm here on scholarship too, but just for my good grades. haha. I like reading, and dancing. 
- FootballGuy97 : So you're a dancer?
- Cookie98 : I like to think so atleast haha.
- FootballGuy97 : That's cool. I'd like to think, that i'm a good dancer too. Atleast when i actually do my best.
- Cookie98 : Well maybe we can dance together someday then?
-  FootballGuy97 : Yeah sure. That sounds awesome.

As my next class was about to begin, i looked down my phone and walked down the hallway.
When suddently i bumped into something, and fell to the floor.
I looked up and saw the red haired guy. 
"I'm so sorry, i was starring at my phone. Are you hurt?"
He had the most amazing dark brown eyes i'd ever seen.
"I'm okay"
He reached out for my hand and helped me up. 
"I'm KJ"
I smiled and put my phone in my pocket.
"I'm Hazel"
He smirked at me and ran his fingers through his hair.
"KJ come on man! Class is almost starting!"
He quickly looked at his friends, and then back at me.
"I gotta go, but uhm maybe i'll see you around?"
I smiled and nodded, as he walked with his friends towards class.

I got to class and actually listened this time.
FootballGuy97 hadn't texted in a while, so i just kept my phone in my pocket.

When i got home, my grandma was sitting in the livingroom, watching TV.
"Hey grandma"
She turned around and smiled at me.
"Hey cookie, how was your first day?"
I sighed and sat down next to her.
"Well uhm i was almost 15 minutes late and i fell"
My grandma smiled at me again.
"Oh i'm sorry dear, i'm sure tomorrow is going to be better"
I nodded slowly and walked into my room, when my phone blinged. 

Poply - You have 1 new message.

I smiled as i unlocked my phone and opened up the app.

- FootballGuy97 : So uhm, i usually never does this, but uhm, would you be up to meeting me later?
 - Cookie98 : That sounds cool. Where do you wanna meet?
- FootballgGuy97 : Uhm do you know where the local diner is? 
- Cookie98 : No, but i'm sure googlemaps can help with that haha.
- FootballGuy97 : Sounds good. I'll see you at 8. 
- Cookie98 : Yup. 
I couldn't believe it!
I was gonna meet the guy i'd been texting with all day. 
Suddently my phone lighted up again.

- FootballGuy97 : Wait, how will you know it's me?
- Cookie98 : Uhm wear a white t-shirt and a black sweatshirt. I'll find you. 

I locked my phone, and coulnd't get started on getting ready fast enough.

What was i suppose to wear at something like this?
I coulnd't call it a date.
I'd never meet the guy before.

I decided to just keep on what i was wearing already. 
I liked this outfit. 

As the clock got closer and closer to 8 PM. 
I became more nervous. 
What if he was a serial killer?
I'd never meet up with some stranger before....

I got on the bus, and sat down, as i thought to myself.
"please please please don't be a serial killer"
I sighed as i got off the bus, and walked towards the little diner.
I looked up at the sign "Wally's" and slowly walked inside.

There wasn't alot of people in here, and i looked around the room to find the guy i was suppose to meet here. 
When i spotted him.
White t-shirt and a black sweatshirt.
I coudln't believe it! 
It was the red haired guy from the hallway!

He looked up at me, and we made eyecontact. 
He smiled, as i slowly walked towards him. 

"I'm guessing you're Cookie98?"
I smiled and pushed some of my hair behind my left ear.
"And i'm guessing you're wearing that outfit so i could find you"
He smirked at me as i sat down.
"You're Hazel, right?"
I smiled.
"Yeah, and you're Kj if i remember correctly"
He giggled and looked at me.
He was so handsome.

"So do you meet up with strangers alot?"
He smiled one more time, and i felt my knees starting to melt...
"No, i swear. I've never done anything like this before"
He giggled and we ordered milkshakes.

We talked for hours. 
If felt like minutes, but suddently it was 1 am and we both really had to go home.

He was so amazing.
He had an older brother named Karl, who had moved away a few years ago, and Kj lived alone in a small apartment downtown. 

I'd never clicked with anyone that fast before.
It felt like i'd known him my entire life.

How is it possible to miss someone this fast?

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