Kj Apa | Fraction.

when hazel's grandmother decides to sign her up for an anonymous app to get friends in an new town, everything changes.
Hazel starts texting with a mysterious stranger, and longs to find out who he is.


3. Chapter Three - Elevator.

Chapter Three - Elevator.

There he was.
Those amazing dark brown eyes and the charming smile.
"Follow me Hazel"
i sighed and took his hand, as he pulled me with him through the darkness.
He looked back at me to make sure i wasn't scared.
How could i be? He was my protector. 
my savior.
I felt the wind in my hair and the ocean in my ear. 
before i knew it, we were standing on a beach. 
"The ocean looks so beautiful in this light"
i looked at KJ. 
He was so amazing. 
"You're the most beautiful sight here"
He looked down at me and smirked as he placed his left hand on my cheek and slowly guided me to look up at him.
He looked down at my lips, and moved closer.
I could feel his breath on my lips, as i closed my eyes. 
He pressed his lips against mine, and i swear it tiggled down in my toes. 
The moment was perfect. 
He was perfect.

Then i woke up.
"Urgh, 10 more minuets!"
I rolled around in my bed, whining.
I grapped my phone and got blinded by the light.

7.00 AM.

I slowly got out of bed, and walked towards the bathroom.
I looked in myself naked in the mirror.
I'd never looked at myself for this long. 
My freckels reminded me of my mother. 
My long raven black hair that i'd never had the courage to color before. 
My grass green eyes and long natural lashes that i'd never thought about this way before.
My scar. The scar was formed like a ironic misshapen heart.
This horrible scar, the man gave me.
My father. 
I remember it, like it was yesterday.

He grapped my mom. 
i wasn't 2 months over 10 years old. 
He grapped her so hard, she screamed.
"Let go of me Charlie!"
His grass green eyes looked like they were burning from anger. 
I watched it all happen.
He hit her over and over again, until she was lying on the ground. 
Crying her eyes out, and there was nothing i could do. 
Suddently he grapped me, and before i realised it, he had his cigar on my chest.
I don't remember feeling pain. 
I was paralyzed from fear.

I still had nightmares about him.
Every little kid had a boogieman. 
He was mine.

As i stood in the mirror and looked at the scar, that i had tried to forget about for almost 9 years. 
I felt a tear roll down my right cheek.
I quickly snapped out of it, and got into the shower.

As i pulled on my shoes and walked to the busstop, it started raining. 
When i was almost soaked, the bus finally arrived. 

The bus was warm and filled with people.

When i arrived at shcool, i walked inside and found my class. 
No messages from Kj. 
Maybe i was just paranoid.

Before i realised it, the class was over. 
A girl with purple hair walked towards me with a smile on her face.
"Hey, i'm Anna"
I smiled and shook her hand. 
"I'm Hazel" 
She smirked and grapped her book. 
"We're gonna be such great friends, i can feel it"
I giggled and followed her outside. 
"So Hazel, what's your major?"
i sat down next to her and smiled.
"Uhm psychology, what about you?"
She giggled.
A future lawer.

I looked around. 
All Kj's friends were sitting at the fountain, but no Kj.
It had been 3 days since i'd seen him at school. 
He didn't anwser my text messages either. 

"Uhm Anna, i gotta go"
She looked weird at me.
"What, why?"
I got up and started walking towards the busstop.
"I have to check up on something, uhm i'll see ya tomorrow"
As i started walking a bit faster i could hear Anna in the bagground. 
"Yeah sure! Bye Hazel"

I got on the bus, and stayed there until the busdriver looked at me.
"Last stop, downtown Avestreet"
i smiled, and got off. 
as i walked the streets, i finally found the apartment that Kj's name was on. 

It was at the top.
I got in the elevator and got off at the 3rd floor.

As i walked towards his door, i heard screaming and someone throwing things inside. 
When i stood infront of the door, i could hear everything.
"You never listen to me Kj!"
"How am i suppose to listen, when all you do is scream at me?!"
"I'm so done with you, We're over Kj."
I was so confused.
He had a girlfriend?

The door got wripped open, and a blond haired girl with tears in her eyes, starred at me.
She quickly looked back at Kj.
"Oh so who is this? Are you cheating on me?"
She pushed me aside, so she could get out.
"I'm not cheating on you Maria"
The blond haired girl walked fast down the hallway. 
I looked at Kj.
"I'm so sorry, i didn't know you had a girlfriend."
He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
"It's fine, come in"
I slowly got inside, and took of my jacket. 
"I got worried, when you hadn't been to school in a few days"
Kj sighed again, and sat down on the couch. 
I sat down next to him and got quiet. 
"Hazel, i'm sorry about all of this"
He looked at me, and licked his lips.
"It's fine, we're not dating or something"
I pushed some hair behind my ear again as i looked down. 
"Haze, can i tell you something?"
I looked up at Kj. 
"I've never smiled as must, as i did when we were at the diner"
i blushed and smiled at him.
"Kj, i've never meet someone like you"
He smirked.
"Someone like me?"
I giggled and looked into his eyes.
"Someone who made a rainy day feel like the best thing in the world"

He took my hand and moved closer. 
I could feel his warmth from his shoulders. 
"Hazel, I don't know what i'm gonna do"
I looked werird at him. 
"What do you mean?"
He sighed. 
"I can't see you anymore"
I pulled my hand away from him and got up from the couch.
"It's okay, i understand"
I grapped my jacket, and walked towards the door.
"Hazel, please don't go yet. Let me explain myself"
I pulled on my shoes opened up the frontdoor without looking at Kj.
"Goodbye Kj"
I closed the door behind me, and walked down the hallway. 
I felt like a fool.
I'd just kinda explained that i liked him. 
The guy who had a girlfriend.

I got into the elevtor and pressed the bottom. 
"I'm such an idiot"
Suddently as the doors were closing, something got inbetween and they opened up. 
Kj stood infront of the doors and looked at me.
He walked towards me. 
"Kj, it's fine. i totally understand. You don't have to expain anythi"
I got interrupted by his lips. 
They were pressed hard against mine. 
I felt his hands on my cheeks, and his strenght holding me in close. 
It was exactly how i dreamed it would be.
My toes were tiggiling.
He pulled his lips away and looked at me.

"You make a rainy day feel like the best thing in the world too"

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