Kj Apa | Fraction.

when hazel's grandmother decides to sign her up for an anonymous app to get friends in an new town, everything changes.
Hazel starts texting with a mysterious stranger, and longs to find out who he is.


1. Chapter One - The App.

Chapter One - The App.

Why do people move?
Can't they just stay in one place for the rest of their life, and be happy there?
I never wanted to move, but my grandma made this desision on her own.
without consolting me, or even thinking about how i felt. 
I love my grandma, but sometimes i wish my mom was still alive.
So here i am.
I sure hope, that this place is as magical as she promised me.

"Hazel, i need you in the kitchen"
I sighed and got up from the grey floor in my new bedroom.
As i walked towards the kitchen, i saw my grandma trying to reach the upper cabin. 
"Granny if you just weren't this stubbon and got yourself a bench to help you, we wouldn't be having this problem"
My grandma smirked at me.
"I'm doing fine on my own, besides that, i have you to help me"
I crawled up on the kitchen island, and reached out for a vase.
"Here you go, just don't ask me to put it up there again"
I smiled at her, and got down. 

The apartment weren't that big. 
but then again, it was only me and my grandma. 

"When does your classes begin?"
I sat down at the table and looked at my grandma while she was arranging flowers. 
"Uhm tomorrow at 10 am"
I was gonna start college here. 
my first priotity was actually in Chicago, but when my grandma told be that she was moving here, i wanted to follow her.
She needed me, as much as i needed her.

"Hazel, the IT course i went on yesterday, showed me this amazing new app called Poply where you get to talk to people in the same city. I thought it could be something for you."
I rolled my eyes.
"Granny, i don't want to talk to strangers"
My grandma sighed and walked towards me.
"I'd hate myself if moving here, is gonna make you a lonely and silent girl. Please just try it. I've already signed you up"
I got huge eyes.
"You did what?!"
My grandma smiled.
"Oh please. It won't hurt you to try and make some new friends before you attend college"
i grapped my phone out of my pocket, and unloked it. 
"You already signed me up, you say?"
My grandma got closer, so she could watch the screen on my phone.
"Yes, go download the app, and then i'll tell you what i gave you as a username and that"
I rolled my eyes one more time, as i downloaded the app. 

"Okay, so your username is Cookie99"
I sighed and looked up at my grandma.
"Couldn't you atleast have given me a more mature name?"
My grandma giggled.
"I thought it was a good name, cus you're my little sugar cookie"
She kissed my forhead and looked down at the phone again.

The app was kinda like tinder or something, exept the fact that you didn't have pictures of yourself or that your name wasnt able for people to see.
"Okay, so i just choose people to text?"
my grandma walked towards the fridge and began dinner.
"Yes, or they can text you and you decide who you wanna anwser"
i sighed, as i walked towards my room. 
It was a weird app.
The only thing you could see about the other people was their age and which city they were in.

The messenges kept coming.
DeltaBoy00 : Hey girl, i'm sure you're fine AF.
Horny4You : Hey there, you wanna see my package?
Ew. No thank you.
EliteGuy24 : I bet you look hella good naked.
Double ignored.
Why doesn guys think this is attractive?
I had never been more disgusted by guys than now, and i diffenatly thought that this app was shit.

"Hazel! Dinner is ready!"
I sighed as i locked my phone, and walked into the kitchen, where my grandma was ready with tomatosoup for dinner.
"I made your favorite"
I smiled at her and sat down at the small table.
"Tomatosoup had always been your mothers favorite too"
I smirked.
"That makes sence on why we got it that often"
My grandma laughed.
"Yeah, you are so much like her. Beautiful on the inside and out"
I took my grandmas hand and smiled at her.

As we finished dinner, i helped with the dishes.
Granny cleaned the table as she started mumbling her favorite song.
"Your body is a wonderland nanana"
I smirked as i took a glass of water and walked towards my room.

My room was still a mess.
i hadn't unboxed everything yet.
As i was looking through one of the boxes, i found a picture of me and my mom.
She was so beautiful. 
Her freckels and big green eyes could once light up an entire room. 
I smiled, as i put the picture on my shelf and got into bed.
My comfy queensized bed.

The door to my room opened, and my grandma peaked in.
"Night Cookie"
I smiled and looked up at her.
"Night grandma"
She closed the door slowly, and i could quietly hear her walking towards her own bedroom.

Tomorrow was my first day at UCLA.
I was both worried and scared.
i'd never been really good at making friends.
This time, i wanted everything to be different.
Please, let something in my life go right this time

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