Forbidden/ Kylo Ren

Cosette, a rebel pilot, is captured by none other than Kylo Ren. She finds herself enchanted by the man as time goes on. Her love for him is forbidden. After all, She was rebel scum in his eyes.


1. Chapter 1

Cosette's P.O.V

I found myself wandering around the base looking for General Organa. She had requested my presence which truly shocked me. Why would the General want to see me, a low-level pilot?

As I walked into what appeared to be an office I spotted Poe Dameron. He was the best pilot in the force an possibly even the galaxy. 

"Hello Miss Star, please have a seat" The general said.

I did as I was told and sat in the seat next to Poe. 

"Now I'm sure you're wondering why you two were called in here today."  She said. We both nodded as we had no clue why we were there.

"Well, as you two know there is a lot going on the galaxy now and we need to create a distraction to the supporters of the Resistance. We would like you two to get married" She said effortlessly. 

It felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. I barely knew Poe! Sure he was attractive, but I did not love him. I stood up and stormed out of the building headed towards my ship. I had to get out of here and let my mind clear. 

I reached my ship hopped in and took off not caring where I was going. 

It seemed as if hours had passed when I saw a ship following me on my radar. It wasn't just any ship however, It was a tie-fighter. I started to take off when suddenly everything around me went black. 



Short I know but I promise the next chapter will be much longer!

Also note: I wrote this on my wattpad page and transferred it here. If you would like to get updates faster follow me @Madison_halseyx 

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