A adventure of a lifetime

Sam usual has an ordinary boring life, but when she's with her friends that changes.


4. Run

               We ding-dong-ditched him again, but this time he came flying out of his house. Haylie screamed and Cody and I kept running, but soon Cody was cough. I kept running, but Nate was right behind me now. I was the only one left, but I knew I wasn't going to make it, because he would have Haylie and Cody. He grabbed me and I stopped.

"Who are you!"he yelled. I tried to keep my laughter in, but I couldn't. I started laughing and when he head my voice he turned me around.

"Samantha Akabane,"I said evilly grinning at him. He turned and walked away. We all followed him. He sat on the porch and said,"Can you guys leave me alone." Wow he looked really sad I think I might just cry......JK I don't cry for anyone.

"Today was my cheat day,"he said picking up a metal pipe.

"Good for you,"I said.

"Can you guys please just leave me alone?"he asked.

"No,"I answered honestly. He shook his head and glared at me. There was always something that got me about his glare. I was the only person that he glares at like this.

"Fine,"I said. Cody and Haylie looked at me with surprise. What how did he do that.".......For now,"I said evilly grinning at him again, but that glare stopped me right in my tracks. How the hack does he do that to me?! No one has ever stopped me so easily not even my parents. What the heck.

We walked away, but before I crossed the street to join my friends he asked,"Why did you leave that flower at my door?" I could tell he was holding back a grin.

"I don't know...you figure it out,"I said before running to the other side.

Oh almost forgot listen to bts run to understand the story a little better-author

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