A adventure of a lifetime

Sam usual has an ordinary boring life, but when she's with her friends that changes.


1. Meeting up


                   "Sam your friends are coming over soon,"My grandma said in a sing-song voice. I always hated when she talked like that. It's super annoying since she does it all the time.

"Ok thanks grandma,"I told her looking at my phone counting every second till they got here. After an hour of just straight looking at my phone I said,"10..9...8...7...6...5....4....3....2....1." Then my two best friends burst though the door. The girl sat on the couch next to me while the guy sat on the couch on the other side of the room. The girl was slightly older than her brother. Her name was Haylie and she has been my best friend since birth. Long story. Her brothers name was Cody. Who I've known since he was a baby.

"Hey Sam I readed the book Maximum ride: the angel experiment, it was so good,"She said smiling.

"told you that book was awesome! Just wait till you read the other books in the series,"I told her grinning.

After talk for an hour about our lives Cody finally said,"Hey can we do something this is boring." I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, what do you want to do?"I asked.

"I don't know,"he said waiting for me to have one of my evil plans. I thought and thought, until I came up with one of my most evilest plans yet.

"I've got it! Let's walk around the block for a little bit,"I said with an evil grin on my face. Then we all noded to each other knowing that that wasn't what we were actually going to do.

"Hey grandma can we walk around the block for awhile,"I said trying not to grin with the excitement.

​"Ok, but stay together and if anyone comes after you,"she said.

"Then kick them where the sun doesn't shine,"I said laughing to myself. After a minute we were out the door. And after we were far enough from the house I said,"Wanna ding-dong-ditch someone?"I asked grinning. Both of them grinned at my idea.

​"Who are we ding-dong-ditching?"Cody asked.

"A friend of mine...his name is Nate,"I said with a evil grin on my face. I know, I know I have serious issues.


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