A adventure of a lifetime

Sam usual has an ordinary boring life, but when she's with her friends that changes.


3. Ding-Dong-Ditch part 2

                     After Cody was done in the bathroom I came up with another plan."Let's go to the other block to see if he is still watching,"I said grinning some more.I decided that Cody was going to do it, while since Cody took so long in the bath room and because Haylie wasn't the most quiet person ever and I was too lazy. Cody got done and army crawled his way as close as he could to the street without getting hit.

"Hey I see you over there!"Nate yelled to us.

"How can he even see us from here?"I asked. 

"Well at least we got our question answered,"I said still grinning. We ran across the street and I made sure to put my hood up. We then again ding-dong-ditch him, but again Cody had to go to the bathroom, but this time me and Haylie didn't go with him. I grabbed a flower and told her to put it on the door step and ring the door bell. She did and Nate actually came out grabbed the flower and walked back in. Who does that! I mean come on we could have put a boom at the font of the door. After Cody came back we walked around the neighborhood looking at all the houses and stuff like that, but it was time to make Nate anger again.

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