A adventure of a lifetime

Sam usual has an ordinary boring life, but when she's with her friends that changes.


2. Ding-Dong-Ditch part 1



                          I had come up with the perfect plan to make Nate go completely crazy. The plan was that I would hide as they ding-dong-ditched him a bunch of times. Then when he finally would come out to chase after use we would out run him, and by "we" out run him I met myself. They ding-dong-ditched him the first time and he didn't come out. Is he home? Or is he just being lazy? Luckily I knew how to push peoples buttons."Do you think his home?"Haylie asked.

"I think so,"I said knowing that he was probably home since he really didn't have a life. Then Cody and Haylie just kept taking turns ringing the door bell and running away. After awhile of doing this I heard Haylie scream. She ran back looking a little scared.

"What happened?"I asked.

"He was looking through the window,"she breathed.

"Seriously you were scared of him looking at you,"I said laughing at the fact she screamed for that reason.

"No now it's your turn Sam,"she said smiling at me.

"No way if he sees me it will rune all the fun,"I said in a sad voice.

"Look....Haylie just imagine him going to school not knowing who did it.....Asking people did you do it and blaming people for it. It would be hilarious,"I said laughing.

She laughed back,"Your right that would be hilarious." I looked at her with an evil grin on my face. Then Cody and Haylie continued. Cody had come up to the door and rang the door bell.

"Hey I see you out there!"Nate yelled. Cody screamed and ran away not looking back.All of us started laughing. Cody even mimicked Nate and said,"Hey I see you out there!" We all burst out laughing.

"Wow really scary, a Haylie,"I said nudging her on the shoulder. But our fun of course had to stop because Cody need to go to the bath room. So before we ran across the street I put my hood up to cover my face so he didn't see me

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