Girls with Shame

"I finally understand what true love is. It wasn't at first glance though, it developed over time. Love is the closest glimpse of heaven anyone can truly see alive. I saw heaven. But then I fucked up."


1. Peachy

" they can watch all the things you do"

The lyrics blasted through her black-rimmed earbuds, the silence broke in tiny bits of the song almost leaking out. She tapped her leg to the beats, "They're gonna rip off your heads, your aspiration to shreds-"


Now grabbing her attention, Dani looks up meeting the teacher's gaze, now smirking she pushes her dark locks revealing more of her fair skin, her light eyes, and her ghostly look. She turned her music down a smidge.

---- Ruby's POV

"Pencils down. Pass your papers up."

All of the students pass their mid final papers up as the bell rings. She holds us for another 2 minutes till she received all the papers. "Have a good weekend, class."

"How do you think you did? " Emily asked me, as we walk out the door, "Um..well-"

I could see out of the corner of my eye, Dani pushing my friend separating us to get through. She gained her composer, before saying loud enough to the one who pushed her to hear,

"Talk about rude."

I met Emily in our freshman year no more than a year before. She's kinda my only friend. We both were trying out for our volleyball team, even though we had both made the team, I felt I was worse. She and the rest of our team seemed to disagree, but I never had any self-confidence in the first place. Hard to get what you're not even sure how you got it in the first place back, "Ignore her."

"Hey Emwanna hang out at my place?"

"Sorry Ruby, I got to go babysittingEmily waved me off, and she went off to the other side of our high school to her own locker. I don't even understand why she's friends with such a boring person like myself. She's beautiful and fit and has a huge group of friends, but she never makes me feel left out. I finished packing my navy blue backpack with "Jansport" in red across. My style of clothing actually, is just ripped jeans, and converse high-tops and any shirt I find in the clearance aisle. The hallways clear out really fast, and this is the one day I don't have any homework and no piano lessons. Which always happen to me when I have nothing to do.

"Ruby Kaiser, please come to the office"

The loudspeaker had announced. I wasn't worried due to the fact it won't matter if I'm late or not, I walked home to an empty house every day anyway. I had to walk to the front of the school all packed up to be greeted by the assistant principal in the main office.

"Ruby, I hope you don't mind following me into my office?"

Well, it's not like I can say no.

We walked into his office with ugly-tanned walls, his desk the size of a twin bed, and a small stack of papers, pencils and pen holders, paper clips, a stapler organized as if he had OCD. Okay, I shouldn't make fun of a disorder, I've been diagnosed with ADHD, but I take medication. The room was small and we sat down in the chairs, I noticed how he hadn't had an ounce of evidence of life out of school, with no photos of loved ones, but instead framed a Masters in Education Administration degree and a degree in Education Leadership. But his office was still the definition of neat.

"Do you happen to know a, uh, Danielle Clerisseau?" What does this have anything to do with me?

"Yes Sir, she's in my math and choir class."

"Well as you know we have a tutoring group, you had participated in the year before and students with a GPA of 2.0 and below are required to join to graduate. Ms. Clerisseau is one of those people but refuses to work in groups but will work one on one." He paused, "The rest of the tutors are either busy or refuse to work with her."

Shit, I can't handle tutoring someone, the anxiety. Especially someone who doesn't even seem to try in class anyway. Why would doing this even help? She's rude and always so uptight like she's better than everyone else.

"Um, thank you, sir. But..."


"You are our last hope, Ruby."


"I-I don't think-" 

Fuckin' Guilt

"Ms. Kaiser, this is your choice, but may I remind you, I can pull strings that may or may not be in your favor."

Haha, the assistant principal is threatening me, and I had just started liking this school. Now I have to babysit an emo. Not like the hot emo boy x reader phase that everyone went through in 6th grade, but the kind of emo that would have a locker filled with pictures of Gerald Way from 2010 with him showing a bit too much skin. How fun.

I mean Dani doesn't seem that emo, she kinda dresses like me with ripped jeans in hoodies. She has a cute short bob cut, with multiple ear piercings. Her interests are really the only emo thing about her. If she stops wearing those band shirts and lightens on the eyeliner she would probably be popular on her looks alone. Since every conversation, someone would have with her, um, let us just say she's no angel. Although I'm not as attractive as her, I've never seen her with a boyfriend. Even an emo one, then again she's never seen with any more than two friends, haha, like me. This might not be that bad.

In my weakest tone, I replied: "Okay."


Thank you for taking the time to read the beginning of my story. Critique away in the comments, thus further improvement if you would please. With support, this story will continue, and with your help, this will thrive. Hope you have a wonderful day!

The lyrics above belong to the song: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance which I do not own and all credit goes to this super edgy band. (The link below) 

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