Hollys Diaries

All about a girl who is bracing herself for high school. This has all the drama with mean girls and mean girls get ready for holly's roller-coaster in high school


1. 1st of january/ A new start

Dear diary

                 OMG I'm finally here. I now live in New York. This is such a big leap for me. My mom and dad are finally comfortable somewhere. I cant wait to get into to school. NOOO actually I'm not looking forward to it at all I'm absolutely terrified. My parents had to chose to come in the middle of the academic year. So everyone know everyone. The mean girl have already taken there stand in the school chart. And unfortunately I wasn't there. So I'm the new fish that's getting let into the fish bowl. Everyone is gonna be swarming around me like a nest of bees. Well at least I will be the centre of attention. That's a good thing right???? Well at least I think so. Ok enough about all the bad stuff lets talk about the amazing shopping I can get up to. All these amazing shops with Expensive clothes that thinking about it I'm probably going to borrow and then give back. WOW how poor am I soon I will have to borrow milk and cereal from the store. And then find a way to give it back!!! Or I could do some major planning an take some money from the penny jar. REALLY the penny jar. Well it looks like worse is coming to worse. Good job I started the penny jar. It all started because I wanted a phone {P.s I STILL DONT HAVE ONE !!!!!!} . But yeah mom over heard me and took my idea and now every time we go to the store when we come back we have to put all of our pennies in the jar. Which by the way is totally UNFAIR. She is a total magpie. But my dad doesn't like the idea he is trying to save up for a new car. Right now we are In his van. His van is so embarrassing. Even for him. Well at first he found it cool that we were driving around in a van that said 'Bugs and insects destroyers'  . And now he understands what I meant by its totally 'LAME'. And this alone would get me knocked down a few bars in the charts organized by the CCP {cute, cool and popular}. No one wants that on there first day. But I'm ready I have 7 more days until I have to go so its fine. I will just have to make friends. I HOPE SO!!!!

Holly signed out xxx 




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