Love Sutton

Team 10 Love story between Jake Paul and Kayla Sutton, who is Chance Sutton's twin sister. Jerika was real but isn't anymore and they broke up when they moved to the new Team 10 house.


1. Jerika

Kayla Sutton:

Kayla Sutton woke up next to her twin brother, Chance Sutton, as always. Chance, Anthony Trujillo, and I (Kayla Sutton), moved to LA because their beast friend, Jake Paul, invited them to stay with him for awhile. The three boys met in Ohio, that is where we are all from, and after several years Jake and his older brother Logan started vine, and then moved to LA. When Jake invited them to stay with and Team 10, Chance took me with him, because of our connection as twins. So I was a surprise to Jake and his Team 10.

When it was near the end of our stay, Chance and Anthony started YouTube with Jake's help. Chance didn't like the fact of me going out and finding a job, so as the best twin brother in the whole world, he asked Team 10 to help convince me to start a YouTube career. I started it and I decided to focus most on vlogging because I thought it would be the most fun, so I started the "KS Nation." A few months after that, the three of us finally became members of Team 10.

I climbed out of the bed me and Chance shared and walked out of the room me, Chance, Anthony, and the Martinez Twins shared. I went next door too Tessa's room and noticed that she wasn't there. I ran down the stairs and as I turned the corner, Jake took me out, making me fall over.

"Crap! Kayla, are you okay!" he said crouching down to me. I noticed that he was vlogging with Uncle Nathan and replied in a sheepish voice, "Of course I am! I'm from Ohio!" He looked at his camera and yelled "Ohio," then helped me up. I walked to the kitchen with Jake, vlogging, not far behind. I sat in between Erika and Tessa, who looked like they just got back from getting shakes. I sat down next to them and as I sat down, Jake and Chance put their arms around T and E. Right, it was their one month anniversary. Chessa! and... Jerika.

Let me tell you a little secret. Q few weeks after we joined Team 10, I had a full on die hard crush on Jake. No one on Team 10 knew but now Tessa does. Only because of when and how I told Jake. When I told Jake he was in shock, then Tessa and Erika walked in to the hotel room Team 10 shared. He took one look at Erika and said, "Not going to happen," then walked away with Erika. Tessa realized what Erika didn't and ran to me with open arms. Two days later Chessa and Jerika got fake married. Anyways. Later that day I was asked to set up their date on the roof. As I headed down the latter from the roof, Chance asked me to stay for twin support, so of course I did. No matter how much it hurts me.

It’s been awhile since Chessa broke up and my brother started dating Alex. Jerika has been having a lot of trouble but I am over and done with Jake. Martinez twins got deported, Tessa is on a vacation with Erika, and Team 10 is moving.



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