The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


22. Ellie-Part Twenty-Two


Ellie saw a group of dwarves were asleep. She didn't want to disturb them. Nearby were their battle axes. Edward stared at the warm fireplace. Then he saw a servant-girl. "Excuse me, may I have a room for the night?", he asked her. "Five gold coins", she answered him. Edward took out twenty gold coins. "This will do for two nights, and for meals", he said. The servant-girl nodded. She placed the coins away for safekeeping, then she waved at them towards the spacious hallway that led to the sleeping chambers.


Lucinda glided towards the dark orcs who were eating meat by the forest fire. "I knew you weren't going to deal with me", she said...and smiled. Loris, the Dark Orc leader, ate into a piece of meat. "What do you want, Lucinda? We're having lunch", Loris answered. It chomped onto the meat to feed its ravenous hunger. Its warty nose was full of disease. Its sharp dagger was to his left, near the post; its black eyes focused on the tall human woman. Lucinda was dressed in a grey coat that kept her warm. She walked in her red boots. She shook her head; she was immersing herself in the fire.

"Ellie is a witch. She grows more powerful as she grows older", she said.

"We don't care of human children", Loris said. It finished eating. By one o'clock in the afternoon, she focused on two black ravens. They were sitting near the ashy road; they were near the old sign that had the words written on it: ​THE IRON CROSSES TAVERN​. Lucinda knew that only dark magicians, and evil doers, went there. It was a place where death came to those who dreamed of power.

"I have to meet Lord Blood Stone", she said. She ignored the orc. Then she walked with a lot of confidence towards the infamous tavern. She walked up the black steps, and opened the front door, and went inside.


Ellie walked on the black carpet. She warmed her cold hands. Then, as she relaxed, she saw a regal looking girl who was with her parents. "Mother, she's a witch", she said. Ellie stared at her for ten seconds before smiling. "Indeed I am a witch from the human city of New York. I'm Ellie", she said. The girl shivered. Suddenly Edward grabbed hold of Candle in its right hand. The cat hissed at the girl. "Now, Candle, behave", she said. Candle jumped onto Ellie's lap. And, then, the cat drank milk from a silver bowl. Then it ignored everyone and savoured its meal...alone.


Lucinda saw an orc was dragging away a drunk elf with its clawed, right, hand. "Off you go, Silas. It's time for you to leave". Silas, who was three foot six, had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and wasn't tall. He stared at the orc with hatred. Then, sighing with frustration, he knew that it was inevitable. "I'll come back", he said. And he stared at Lucinda. "Ah, Lucinda, a pleasure...", Silas said. "It's not ​my time to argue any kind of point of manners, Silas. You've drunken enough ale today", she said. Silas sighed. Then he collapsed on the hard, grey, ground. And then he felt woozy. He then he threw up...and everything went dark.


Ellie saw a servant-girl. 

"I'd like a room for the night", she said.

"Three gold coins". Edward walked towards her.

"And me too, Lisa. Here's ten gold coins". She nodded. Suddenly they saw several cloaked assassins arriving at the Regal Tavern. They opened the front door. Lisa shivered. She didn't want any kind of trouble. Ellie held onto Candle. Then she whispered: "​Hush, Candle! Don't make a scene!​", she said. And the cat hissed again, as the assassins grinned at her. A tall assassin gripped its sharp dagger in its left hand. It wore a dark red hood, black breeches, and black boots that shone brightly. A deep, ragged, scar was across his right cheek. Ellie felt her blood go cold. "Who are you, witch?", the assassin asked her. "Ellie. This is Candle, my familiar". The assassin laughed. "Yes, I've heard about a girl witch who has supernatural powers. I'm Horst van Freer". He bowed. Ellie smiled grimly. Candle jumped away from Ellie. It hissed at the assassins. Then it closed its eyes, and slept soundly by the fireplace. Heavy snow continued to fall outside, as everyone arrived at the tavern later than usual because of the bad weather.


Lucinda entered THE IRON CROSSES TAVERN​. She saw several black carriages. The drivers had bored looks etched on their tired faces. She walked towards the arched hallway; she saw a servant-boy holding onto a bright lamp in his right hand. "Boy, tell me where to go to meet Lord Blood Stone". The ten year old boy cast a nervous look at her. "He's over there by the Shallow Wood fireplace, my Lady". She nodded. Then she walked near it, and saw the Lord speaking to three key advisors. A small wizard gazed at her. He had long, white hair, green eyes, and stood four foot seven. "Lucinda!", Lord Blood Stone said. She smiled at him. "Am I late, my Lord?", she asked him. "No; no. Just business. Davit, my advisor, says that there's a girl witch in the human world who has a black cat", Lord Blood Stone answered.

Lucinda nodded.

"Ellie. She's ten years' old, my Lord. A young witch who hasn't had the opportunity to meet you...yet". Lord Blood Stone talked to Davit. The advisor was tall...and old. He didn't want to cause a fuss; he was more concerned about the snow falling. He wiped away the sweat off his red coat; he was holding onto a dark, metallic, sword in his gloved right hand. He turned around, and said: "Let her come to us, my Lady. We'll see whether she's as powerful as she makes herself known to us". And Lucinda bowed, and strode purposefully to her black seat where she relaxed for the first time since she arrived at the sinister tavern.


Ellie sensed danger.

She wondered where Candle was.

"The cat's over there, my Lady", a servant-boy said. She glanced at him. He had short, black hair, brown eyes, and tall. He wore a tattered grey coat on. He grabbed a dirty cloth in his left hand, and cleaned the black table near the warm fireplace with his cold hands. He shivered; he saw Ellie was concerned about him. His black breeches were new. He was barefoot. Next to him were his black boots that were drying off because they had been wet due to the rain that had fell last night along with the heavy snow.

"I'm Anton".

"Ellie. I'm a witch", she said.

"I'm a warlock's servant, my Lady", he said.

"And who ​is he?", Ellie asked him.

"Rogan Llewellyn, the Black Warlock. He is the most powerful magician of them all", Anton answered her.

"I've never heard of him", Ellie said.

"He knows who you are, my Lady", Anton said. He walked towards the fireplace. His boots were dry. He smiled, then he wore them for the first time since last night. Candle stopped eating her meal, and drinking her milk. Then it headed towards Ellie. It then yawned, and slept soundly, as the crackling of the black firewood heated up the tavern.

"Me; how can he know about me?", she asked him.

"You're a witch who has powers, my Lady. After the witch deaths of 1692, there were a lot of witches who went underground. By 1753, all of the other witches kept to themselves. And, during Halloween in 1894, all of America in the human world celebrated the holiday festival knowing that we'd have treats. And candies. And everyone would dream of a better future. Let's search the bookshelves if you like, my Lady". Ellie smiled at him. And she smiled, and followed the servant-boy down the thick hallway to the huge library.


Lucinda sighed.

She was overly concerned about Ellie.

"What should we do now, my Lord?", she said.

"We make sure she's on our side, my Lady", Lord Blood Stone said. Davit grinned evilly. Then he walked towards down the cobbled pathway towards the dark chambers where only darkness consumed everyone who went down there.

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