The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


23. Ellie-Part Twenty-Three


Ellie let Candle sleep by the fireplace. 

Anton smiled at her. 

"Black cats are bad luck, my Lady", he said.

"Candle is my cat. She's knows whether there's evil around". And she stared at the servant-boy; she saw him squirm. 

"As you wish", Anton sighed.


Ellie smiled.

"It's not fair on you, servant. Besides, I am ten year's old. And I know what's going on in this Godforsaken land", she said. Anton nodded. He remembered how harsh his parents were when they thought that their son needed punishment for bad behaviour. Suddenly they noticed two sleepy dwarves near the Iron Arches. They were three foot tall. Nearby was their chainmail. "Look at their red boots, my Lady", Anton said. She noticed all of them were muddy; she wondered whether the other servants would clean up the mess. Anton sighed. Suddenly, in a bold voice, he said: "GET UP! YOU'RE MESSING UP THE GROUND!". The dwarves opened their blue eyes; they gripped their small hammers with their strong hands; they were about to attack them when all three of them noticed Ellie. "A witch! Kendall, give me the lamp?", Ry asked its friend. Ry, who was the smaller of the group, shifted near the grey walls. "Fine, brother! But I loathe witches", he answered him. Holt, the other dwarf, gazed at the servant-boy. "Ah, boy! Give us some meat, and ale", he said. Anton shook his head. "Fine! I'll be back soon", he said. Ellie shook her head. She watched him leave. The dwarves stared at the witch. "So, witch. Why have you come here?", Ry asked her. She took a long, deep, breath. "I was different from other girls who were human. And Candle, my black cat, is my familiar. She is with me all of the time. She is asleep at the moment". Ry gripped his black beard with his left hand. "That is so, my Lady. Now, let's deal with the news that Lord Blood Stone wants you alive for his own nefarious reasons". Ellie shook her head; her eyes focused on the dark arches.

"Lord Blood Stone. I haven't met him", Ellie said. Ry laughed. It was a dismal laugh. He shook his head; he continued speaking. "The Lord is maniacal. He is the most powerful Lord in the land; he is someone who dreams big, you know. We live here because The Red Woods, where we live", he said. Suddenly Anton carried a silver plate of fresh meat...and ales. "Thank you, servant", Ry said. And he grinned, as the other dwarves ate with their leader, leaving Ellie shaking her head. "I have to look after Candle. We'll be back if you need us. Good-bye!". And she followed Anton back to the warm fireplace. To her relief, Candle was still asleep.


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