The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


20. Ellie-Part Twenty-Section IV


Ellie arrived in her bedroom in a whiff of red coloured smoke.

"Mom! Daddy! Are you there? Mom!", she yelled.

She saw Edward was smiling at her. 

"I must be away, Ellie. Good-bye!". 

"Good-bye, Edward", she said.


Ellie heard the sound of the cable television was on. "Mom, I'm back!". She opened the bedroom door, and walked down the thin hallway. An old 1930's Grandfather clock chimed twelve. She saw Candle was hissing at an imagined threat. "It's alright, Candle. There's nothing to fear here", she said. She walked downstairs. Suddenly she saw her mother was watching a made for television movie called: "​Time stood still Part II​". She didn't care about the models and actors on the screen; she watched her mother. "Mom! It's me, Ellie. I was away", she said. 

"Ellie! I was thinking you were immersing yourself in a book. I didn't want to bother you. And school is...", she said.

"I know. Tomorrow", Ellie said.

"Yes, tomorrow. Your father is working to remove the snow outside. It's horrible". Ellie walked down the hallway. She opened the front door. "Daddy!", she yelled. Ellie saw him. He was attending to the garden. "Ellie! I was working outside. And time fell away from me", he said.

"I was away too Daddy; I was meeting so many people. Can we have lunch with Mom?", she asked him.

"Yes, Ellie. Let's go to the kitchen...and eat".


Candle hissed at a spider. 

"Behave!", she ordered.

"That cat's weird", Daddy said. 

"I know that", Ellie said. 

She saw the sandwiches were on a plate. She poured some Iced Tea into three glasses. Once she was finished drinking, she patted Candle. The cat meowed, then was fed cat food; the cat finished eating. Then Ellie gazed outside the glass window. Suddenly she saw her friends were smiling and waving at her. Once she finished her lunch, she said: "Excuse me, I need to read my book. Come on Candle". She let the cat walk towards the bedroom. Then she opened the door with her small, right, hand...and saw Edward the elf was back.

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