The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


24. Ellie-Part Twenty-Four


"Come here, Candle", Ellie said.

The black cat opened its eyes. 

It jumped onto Ellie's lap.

"There! It's not too late to leave here. Mom and Daddy will be worried about what's going on, you see!", she said. Candle saw Anton...and hissed. Anton grinned. "Nice cat", he said. Ellie smiled. "I have to go home now". He sighed. "Will I see you, my Lady?", he asked her. "Yes; yes", she answered him. And he nodded. 

Suddenly she saw Edward.

"Take me home", she said.

"As you wish, Ellie", he told her.

And she nodded. 


Ellie touched the elf's red cloak with her right hand.

Then she was transported back to New York. Once she was there, she was in her own bedroom. Snow continued to fall in the city that never sleeps. Ellie carried Candle downstairs where her parents were in the spacious kitchen cooking dinner. The smells of the aroma drifted across the kitchen. "Smells delicious, Mom. Daddy", she said. And they grinned. And kissed their daughter, while Edward disappeared in a huge puff of black smoke.



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