The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


12. Ellie-Part Twelve-Section II


It was November 2, 2017 in New York. 

Ellie, who had thought she had dreamed of elves, orcs, and other creatures in her dreams of the fantastical, stared at the sleeping form of Candle, her black cat. She was about to squirm in her bed due to a bad dream when Candle hissed at an imagined monster. "It's alright, Candle; it's all right", she wanted to reassure her familiar. The cat shook its head: No​. "Fine, suit yourself", she added. She awoke at 8:13 AM. She yawned, then headed towards the restroom. She opened the door...and went inside.


By 8:20 AM, (seven minutes' later), Ellie had a shower, and got dressed. She wore a red shirt, black jeans, a grey belt, grey socks, and black shoes on her small feet. She was wearing a silvery watch on her right hand. There wasn't something out of the ordinary going on in the early morning. Ellie brushed her teeth. Then she walked towards her bed. Candle wrapped its long, black, tail across her legs. She smiled. "Come to me, Candle", she whispered. Suddenly her mother walked towards her. "Good morning, Ellie. Did you sleep well?", she asked her daughter. "Yes, mom. I was with Candle, my cat. And I dreamed of elves, orcs, and a magic Kingdom", she said. She waited for her to say something. Then she smiled. "Orcs, elves. You've got too much time on your hands". And she walked to the curtains. Bright sunshine filled the room, as the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers walking...and driving in their work was part of the normality of modern, 21st century life...unaware of any magic that was in the air.


Ellie hugged her cat.

"It's alright. Dad will be coming home soon". She walked towards the front door. She saw her father walking towards her in his black limousine. "​Daddy! Daddy! I'm here!​", she said. She stared at him. He was dressed in a grey hat, black shirt, black trousers, a brown belt, black socks, and black shoes on her feet. On his right, middle, finger was a gold wedding ring. He smiled, as Albert Shoe, his driver, smiled.

"Sir, your daughter's waiting". He nodded.

"Thank you, Albert. Please wait for me". 

"Yes, Sir! I'll read the news app on my phone". 

"Fine", Daddy said.


"I missed you, Daddy", Ellie said.

"The same, sweetie. I see that you've got a black cat". 

"Yes, her name is Candle. The other cats are around here". 

"Do you want to go shopping? School's tomorrow", he asked her.

"Yes", Ellie answered him.

And she smiled.


Ellie stared at her black wallet that was on her bed. She was thinking that Edward would come back; she thought he was real, like the orcs. Shrugging off the idea that she was a young witch, she followed her Dad towards the limousine with Candle. "You look like a witch, Ellie, without the hat...and cloak", Albert said. Ellie shook her head. She shook off the strange feeling that she wasn't alone in the fantasy world. Not really, that was. She thought of the time she was reading books at home, and imagining creatures crawling towards her in the gloom. With the lamps illuminating the hallway...and the bedrooms...Ellie sat down on the black, leather, seats of the expensive limousine. Her Dad was a banker who was rich. He would go out to business meetings in New York, Seattle, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin, Texas, (and overseas); he was worth three hundred million dollars, (after the IRS took out his yearly tax). Ellie hated him for spending less time with her, and her mother. She knew was going to have to meet new friends, study English, maths, geology, history, and creative writing classes. She hadn't shopped for two weeks. The idea that she was a witch was like a that was blurred by time itself.


The sign read: ​YE OLDE SHOPPE OF MAGICKS​. Ellie stopped still. She had a familiar sense that she was a witch; she was known to think that being a true witch had its consequences. "Daddy, can I go inside?", she asked him. Daddy nodded. "Here's fifty dollars. Fine something you like, sweetie", he answered. And, as she did so, a cold wind blew from the south, and they were swept up in the swirly breeze by some unseen force. Albert grabbed his boss up from the hard concrete ground. "Sir, are you alright?", he asked him. "Yes, it's the bad weather. Let me see the news on the I-pad", he answered. And Albert nodded while the weirdness ended.

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