The Witch of New York A novel

Ellie Davies is a ten year old girl who lives with her parents in New York. When she finds out she's a witch, her own life is changed forever.


13. Ellie-Part Thirteen


Ellie stared at the bright lamps. 

She felt better than before. It was as if she was normal. Black curtains were surrounding her; more black curtains were near the counter. A young witch was smiling at her. "Can I help you, Miss?", she asked her. "Yes, I'd like a witch's hat for under fifty dollars. I'm Ellie", she answered. "Margot. I'm here during the winter season". Ellie nodded. She watched the witch smiling at her. "I haven't seen you here before", Ellie said. "No, I haven't seen you, either", Margot said. She smiled, as she grabbed her long, black, hat and put it on her head. She gripped her black cloak with small hands; she put it across her back. Ellie walked towards what was on the dusty grey shelf. She stared at the items. There were cat's breath; goblin's blood; spider's webs; sorcerer's magic wands; glowing night goggles; and witch's hats. Ellie put the hat on her head. It felt great on her small head.

"It's thirty dollars", Margot said. Ellie paid for it. Then the older witch gave her twenty dollars in change. Suddenly she smiled as she saw a mirror that was near the stone staircase. Ellie stared at herself.

"You're a witch", Margot said. Ellie nodded.

"Yes I am", she stated. And she grinned, as Candle jumped towards her lap.

"Hush, Candle", she said. Margot stared at the cat. "Oh, she's beautiful. I have a black cat. Her name is Francine". Ellie nodded. Then she saw Daddy's limousine outside the shop. "Daddy's here", she said. And Margot nodded.

"Please come back soon", she said.

"Yes, I will Margot. Good bye!", Ellie said.

And she waved, and opened the front door. 

Then headed to the limousine. 

Albert opened the passenger side door. Ellie smiled, then she sat down on the black seats. Then she relaxed, as the driver closed the door. As they put their seat belts on, Albert drove away from the shops, and drove towards home.


Ellie let Albert open the passenger-side door.

"There you go, young witch", he smiled. Ellie shook her head. She was concerned that the news that the elves, orcs, and other creatures were figments of her vivid imagination. That Edward wasn't real; that the Elf King wasn't real either, as she walked towards his small throne in his regal court. In short, she wasn't concerned about magic...yet. She was sure everyone would tell her at school Ellie wasn't a witch. But, to her, she was ​one.

"Mother will be waiting for me, Daddy", she said. She walked towards the stone steps. Suddenly she heard the creaking of the grey front door. And her Mother was smiling. "Ellie! You look....different". She glanced at Candle, the black cat. It purred as it sat on Ellie's lap; it was comfortable, as Ellie walked inside the house, and headed to her bedroom.


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